The particular Magistrate proves a worthy hand copy opponent in The Mandalorian; just as well, helped by the actor’s connection to martial arts device Bruce Lee. Played by Blanco Lee Inosanto, Morgan Elsbeth — the Magistrate of Calodan (on the planet Corvus) — makes her very own first Star Wars appearance while in chapter 13 of The Mandalorian, wielding a Beskar spear and doing battle with Jedi Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson). Tano demands that Elsbeth give her the information that she possesses; namely, the location of Grand Admiral Thrawn — Elsbeth’s master and a fan-favorite Expanded Monde character who was reintroduced into the norma proper in the animated TV show Fine Wars Rebels. In exchange for one with Tano, Elsbeth offers to allow them to spare Calodan lives — screened to be torturing her citizens as well as , holding them in electrified g?te. When Tano and the Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) storm the city, Elsbeth activates the former in a duel — her very own Beskar spear a worthy healthy against Tano’s twin lightsabers in your sequence reminiscent of Toyisha Fujita’s Partner Snowblood (which, in turn, influenced Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill). Tano, naturally , wins the fight and most probably executes Elsbeth off-screen, and later awarding her Beskar spear to the Mandalorian, providing him a fighting chance in opposition of any lightsaber-wielders he might encounter contained in the not-so-distant future. Related: The Mandalorian Season 2 Brings Back A Finder One AlienDiana Lee Inosanto, those actor who plays the Justice of the peace, is an experienced martial artist and as well as stuntwoman. She was trained in her father, Dan Inosanto, who was simply a student and friend of Generic Lee. Diana is, in fact , Generic Lee’s godchild (her middle named: an homage to the late actor) and recently contributed a foreword to Fiaz Rafiq’s biography Generic Lee: The Life of a Legend. Inosanto writes that she grew up screaming Lee “Uncle Bruce” and must have been fairly oblivious to his stardom at that moment. That said, Inosanto also writes within Lee “broke down the barriers about racism, kicked his way belonging to the walls of Hollywood discrimination, since bridged the worlds of Far east and West” with his work. Interestingly enough, “bridging the worlds of the East and West” was just about George Lucas’s pitch for Celebrities Wars; his sci-fi epic impressed largely by western and samurai films. Sadly, this ethos did not ring true in regards to representation tied to the franchise — something that Disney might be slowly correcting. As for Diana Shelter Inosanto, the actor and stunt-performer has appeared in numerous productions getting late 1980s, including Buffy the most important Vampire Slayer, Star Trek: Disposition, and Alita: Battle Angel to mention just a few. Alita director Robert Rodriguez is also set to direct an instance of The Mandalorian season 2 — a fitting addition, given fast history with the show’s cast. Well recognized influence is especially prominent in Inosanto’s episode, which also features Dawson and actor Michael Biehn (who both starred in Rodriguez’s Grindhouse). While the Magistrate is presumed sure fire, this wasn’t explicitly referenced, not witnessed on-screen, meaning Inosanto could actually return to the role, though near admittedly unlikely. Either way, Diana Windschatten Inosanto was a wonderful (if brief) addition to The Mandalorian, and the Justice of the peace will no-doubt be explored consist of media. Next: Mandalorian Brings Back Wilhelm Scream (After Star Wars Suitable for Dropped It)