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If you know anything about Bachelor Nation, her words make a lot of sense. As Kaitlyn Bristowe said, each season of The Bachelorette and the other family of shows in the franchise can bring a lot of fame (or infamy) and popularity to those who appear, especially the leads. Even though several of them, like Bristowe, have turned that fame into other opportunities away from the franchise, their popularity is usually very much based on continuing to be well-liked by fans of those shows, as opposed to more wide-spread fame. So, if your time on The Bachelorette was several years ago, non-Bachelorette fan viewers of DWTS will be unlikely to know who you are.

Basically, Kaitlyn Bristowe thought that she simply didn’t have enough heat from her Bachelorette fame anymore to be offed the chance to show off her cha-cha on DWTS, but it turns out that she was wrong.

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