It would be impossible to list out the best sitcoms of all time and not mention the absolute masterpiece that is The Office. This beloved show is one of the most popular series on streaming services right now, and it’s easy to see why this is the case. The brilliant script, amazing cast, and engaging story turned The Office into a must-watch for people who love comedies.

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The characters of The Office are the lifeblood of this show, with each person being memorable in their own unique way. One such character that most people absolutely adore is Dwight Schrute, a loyal employee of Dunder Mifflin whose actions have resulted in some of the best episodes in the entire series.

10 When Did Dwight And Angela Start Dating?

Dwight and Angela’s will-they-won’t-they dynamic lasts pretty much till the very end of the show, making for a fitting climax to a brilliant series. However, forget about the end — it’s the beginning that raises questions.

No one has a concrete answer when it comes to the exact time when Angela and Dwight started dating. The ballpark figure is somewhere near the start of the second season… but we don’t really see the two of them interacting much until — all of a sudden — they’re constantly scurrying about together in the office.

9 Why Would Angela End Up With Him After He Killed Her Cat?

There’s a turning point in Dwight and Angela’s relationship, when the former kills the latter’s cat. It’s a rather cold move on Dwight’s part, and one that has dire repercussions on their dynamic… and understandably so.

However, what is less justifiable is the fact that Angela would still consider getting back together with Dwight after what he did to a beloved pet of hers. Does she even care about cats that much in the first place?

8 What Happened To Esther?

Speaking of Dwight wronging the people he’s in a relationship with, it’s time to talk about a sweet character by the name of Esther — Dwight’s girlfriend who is completely kicked out of the plot once he decides to marry Angela.

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One can’t help but wonder what happened to this sweet girl — her heart must’ve definitely been broken given the fact that she really loved Dwight.

7 How Is He Well-Versed With Pop Culture When He Grew Up On A Farm?

For someone who grew up on a farm, it’s surprising to hear Dwight speak in Dothraki or spew nonsense about Battlestar Galactica. After all, his backwoods upbringing should’ve meant he was probably never exposed to nerd culture as a kid.

The only explanation that makes sense is that Dwight actually grew up and then discovered these shows, which doesn’t really make a ton of sense since nostalgia is a major reason why so many people are into pop culture stuff in the first place.

6 Which Four Co-Workers Does He Hate?

During the drug test in Season 2, Dwight talks about how he generally likes all his co-workers, save for four exceptions. At this point in the show, it’s highly probable that Jim would definitely be one of the people he hates.

However, what about the other three? The candidates are quite a few — Ryan, Phyllis, Stanley, Creed, Toby, Meredith, and Kevin fit the bill in this regard. How does one choose any three from this selection?

5 Why Did Everyone Congratulate Dwight For Being Manager, Given What Happened Before?

The last time Dwight became a manager, he ended up implementing archaic and cumbersome rules in the office, before shooting a gun as well!

So, given how disastrous his previous tenure was, why are the employees of Dunder Mifflin congratulating him for becoming the permanent Regional Manager? Won’t he just make their life a living hell all over again?

4 How Did Dwight Fire Toby When Michael Couldn’t?

Michael hated Toby with all his guts, but it was the HR position that gave Toby immunity from any rash decisions that would involve him getting kicked to the curb.

So, how is it that Dwight managed to do this action that Michael wanted to do all his life without any problems whatsoever? Sure sounds extremely convenient!

3 Was There Any Need To Conduct The Fire Drill In The First Place?

The fire drill is one of Dwight’s best moments in the show, starting with him causing a panic in the office by staging a fire and ending with indirectly inducing a heart attack in Stanley.

However, was this drill even required? There’s an episode in Season 2 when Ryan creates a small fire, and it’s only Michael who panics while the rest move in an orderly fashion. Dwight should’ve been more than satisfied with this… but no — he just had to go and perform one of the most hilarious things ever done on The Office.

2 How Has He Not Been Fired?

There’s no denying the fact that Dwight has endangered his co-worker’s lives time and time again, to the point where he’s pretty much a walking hazard that can injure any person with his over-the-top shenanigans.

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So, how is it that he hasn’t been fired yet? By all accounts, Dunder Mifflin should’ve let him go as soon as possible, but somehow his sales record is so pleasing that no one bats an eye after a point.

1 Is He Really A Good Salesman In The First Place?

That being said, one must point out the fact that Dwight is one of the most socially awkward people around, and it’s pretty clear that he has no idea how to talk to a normal person… like a normal person.

Given this ineptitude, how is it that he’s managed to secure so many sales in the first place? Any level-headed person would’ve been angry at Dwight a minute or two after he opens his mouth, after all.

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