Howard Wollowtiz became one of the primary characters in the hit American sitcom The Big Bang Theory after starting out as a peripheral weirdo in the lives of the nerdy physicists Sheldon and Leonard.

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Howard was initially introduced as something of a pervert with a one-track mind: getting laid. But, over the course of the series, the character did evolve quite a bit, and finally ended up with a successful wife and two beautiful kids. Yet, there were several things about this quirky geek that often didn’t make sense.

10 Preferring To Be With His Imagination Rather Than A Real Girl

Howard was particularly offensive to women during the earlier seasons until he met Bernadette. But, even then, he made a mess by not responding to her need for commitment, even though she was the best shot he had at having a real relationship, and even in spite of her clearly being fond of him.

But no, Howard being who he was at the time, chose to sit in his bathtub covered in froth with his sexy imaginary friend while a real woman waited for him outside. The next time he met her, he went straight ahead and proposed to her. Even for someone as weird as him, this was too much.

9 Not Seeing That Bernie Was Basically His Mom

One of the primary gags involving Howard was his major mommy issues and the striking resemblance that Bernadette, his fianceé, and eventual wife, had to his mom, with regards to their shrill voice and controlling nature.

Although the whole world was creeped out by how similar Bernadette sounded to Mrs. Wolowitz, especially when she was in a rage, it seemed as if Howard himself was blissfully unaware of this apparently unhealthy situation. Of course, his obliviousness was meant to add to the comic element of the storyline but didn’t always make sense.

8 His Relationship With Raj

One of Howard’s closest relationships, besides those with his mom and wife, was that which he had with Rajesh Koothrapalli.

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However, despite Raj being his best friend, Howard was almost always offensive to him, be it by making obnoxious racist remarks, constantly making fun of him for not being able to talk to women, or by judging his decision to opt for an arranged marriage. He was, no doubt, very fond of his friend, but the ways he expressed it sometimes made no sense.

7 His Treatment Of Stuart

Howard was especially toxic in his treatment of the goofy comic book store owner, Stuart Bloom. Stuart was an adorable supporting character who never quite got what he deserved from the gang, especially from Howard, who instead of being grateful to him for taking his mom’s responsibility, spent all his time berating him.

Howard was ridiculously jealous when Stuart got close to his mom and developed a weird rivalry with him, even though he was very vocal about how his mom was nothing but a burden to him. The contradictions in his behavior were frustrating at times.

6 Exploiting Friends

Howard turned out to be a lazy husband who would sit around at home playing video games and doing nothing while his wife, who was already more successful than him careerwise, would go around doing necessary stuff.

Worse still, he would take advantage of his friends by letting them do a lot of the household chores that were really his duty. True, Raj and Stuart often hung out at his place, but Howard never let them forgot the favor he was doing them, and exploiting them on top of that made little sense.

5 Manipulating People With His Sob Story

Howard had a tragic backstory where his father had abandoned the family when he was still very young. A lot of the peculiar quirks of the character were believed to have been rooted in his difficult childhood.

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However, Howard often used the story of his past to emotionally manipulate people and get them to pity him or give him what he wanted, which became meaningless after a while.

4 The Ridiculous Texas Cowboy Outfit

When Leonard, Raj, and Howard falsified the data for their research at the North Pole expedition, the three of them went all the way to Texas to appease Sheldon, who had, justifiably, been hurt by his friends’ betrayal.

But Howard made the moment bizarre by donning a ridiculous red turtleneck and a red cowboy hat to go with it so that he could ‘blend in’ in Texas. He was immediately told off on arrival by Mary, Sheldon’s mother, but had behaved in a nonsensical manner until that point.

3 Sleeping With His Cousin

In season three, Howard revealed that he had lost his virginity to his second cousin, Jeanie, at an uncle’s funeral, and later Stuart brought the same Jeanie to the prom when the gang threw a prom night to make up for all the disappointing prom nights most of them had ever had.

Seeing his cousin drudged up old memories for Howard and embarrassed him no end before his friends, but the question was, why on earth would he have slept with his cousin in the first place? Weird though his character had always been, this seemed particularly bizarre.

2 Convincing Bernie To Have Kids & Then Having A Meltdown

When Howard and Bernadette got married, the latter wasn’t sure she was ready for kids, and it was Howard who made a scene and convinced her otherwise.

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Yet, when Bernadette finally got pregnant, twice, Howard freaked out both times. It made no sense why he should be collapsing every time she actually conceived when it was he who had wanted children in the first place. But, perhaps, one can let that pass as the jitters of an expecting father.

1 His Confusing Character Arc

Howard might have evolved quite a bit over the course of the series, going from a creepy pervert to a more mature, reasonable family man, despite his flaws. Yet, his arc became rather inconsistent as the show went on.

There he was, the father of two, with a smart, successful wife; he had stopped being the gang’s resident pervert and was much more logical and sensitive as he went about his day to day business than he had been in the early seasons. Yet, at the same time, he lounged about like a good-for-nothing, getting jealous over petty matters, refusing to care for his mom, and exploiting his good-hearted friends—the character arc seemed to be tilting towards the mature at times, and desperately immature at others.

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