Stranger Things has released several episode titles for season 4, and they could hold important details to what’s to come in the Netflix series. After a recording breaking amount of viewership for season 3, the streaming giant understandably greenlit another installment of the Duffer Brothers sci-fi series. In what was thought to air sometime in 2021, Stranger Things season 4‘s release was caught in limbo due to COVID-19 production delays. To keep fans interested, the crew behind the show have been spilling small details in regards to the season 4 plot.

After the bittersweet ending to Stranger Things season 3, viewers were left wondering about the fate of Chief Jim Hopper. The show didn’t waste time on the mystery since they revealed Hopper’s survival during a teaser released in February 2020. While Hopper is imprisoned in Kamchatka, Russia, those still living in Hawkins will be facing a new threat. Despite the fact that Joyce Byers relocated with Jonathan, Will, and Eleven, it will be interesting to see how they become involved in the new horror plaguing the area.

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While Stranger Things enjoys keeping coy when it comes to plot details, the crew and Netflix sure do get a kick of providing hints and Easter eggs linked to key storylines. Whether it’s riddles, teaser footage, or production stills, the series has become an expert at keeping fans on their toes. Episode titles have also been known to hold double-meanings in terms of significance. Thankfully, the show has revealed multiple episode names thus far, and it’s likely more will be unearthed before the season 4 debut.

The title for the Stranger Things season 4 premiere episode was revealed all the way back in November 2019, which was four months after the release of season 3. The show’s writers unveiled the title to be “The Hellfire Club.” While the name might not ring a bell to all, those familiar with Marvel Comics would instantly connect the title to a secret society in connection to the X-Men. In fact, the Hellfire Club consisted of villains like Magneto, Emma Frost, and Sunspot, who were often at odds with the X-Men. The group was first introduced in 1980, making it very possible for Stranger Things to incorporate the topic in the nostalgia-driven sci-fi series. Not only was the Hellfire Club featured in The Gifted TV series, but it was also an aspect in 2019’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Hellfire Club was a broader term known to connect to exclusive clubs and hidden societies throughout Britain and Ireland. The meetings among these groups were a place for “immoral acts” dating back to the 1700s. It’s possible that Mike, Lucas, and Dustin create their own version of a Hellfire Club for whatever mysteries they plan on investigating in season 4. More than likely the show will take the X-Men route considering its love of pop culture inspiration and the obvious connections made between Eleven and X-Men’s Dark Phoenix. In that case, the core characters will serve as the superheroes whereas the threats of the Russian or the Upside Down will be the villainous Hellfire Club in this equation.

Shorty after Stranger Things ramped up production on season 4 following the COVID-19 shutdowns, the writer’s room unveiled several more episode titles. First was “Tick Tok Mr. Clock,” which will presumably be the name of episode 2. The name is surely sounds ominous as it insinuates that time is running out for something or someone. More interesting, however, is the fact that it links to the overwhelming clock theme presented in recent teases. The Stranger Things season 4 announcement video eerily featured a clock tower in the Upside Down. A large clock was also seen in a production photo posted in October to share filming had resumed. These hints go along with the use of clock emojis and other promotional material used by the show’s official social media accounts.

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The clock tower could be the one located in the downtown section of Hawkins, indicating that the small town is once again being terrorized by outside sources. Another option could be a smaller clock located in someone’s home such as the Byers’ new residence in connection to Eleven and Will, who both have direct links to the Upside Down. There’s also a popular theory that the heavy use of clocks is to tease the introduction of time travel in Stranger Things season 4. Seeing as the series involves other dimensions, otherworldly creatures, and kids with special abilities, the notion of jumping through time isn’t out of the realm of possibility. This could explain the prominent presence of Back to the Future throughout season 3.

The other confirmed season 4 episode name is “You Snooze, You Lose,” which subsequently adds to the notion of time. The common phrase is often used to warn someone that they will miss out on something if they don’t move quickly enough. The real question remains what the episode title refers to and how dire are the particular consequences. Considering Hopper is alive but stuck in Russia as a prisoner, he will surely need allies to help him escape. There’s a theory that Joyce and Murray go on a rescue mission to save Hopper, and the episode 3 title could be an indicator of their window of opportunity closing fast.

Granted, the title could apply to just about any core character in Stranger Things since they all voluntarily get themselves involved in the mysterious happenings. It has been confirmed that most members of the Scoops Troop reunite for another mission. With the help of Max, they were seen on set moving in a hurry so the “you snooze, you lose” phrase seems to perfectly represent whatever mess they found themselves in. Like episode 2, the title is a bit ominous, especially since “you lose” could describe a permanent defeat or worse.

Following the unveiling of episode 2 and 3 titles, the Stranger Things writer’s room also took to Twitter to seemingly share episode 4: “Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey.” Now this reveal should be taken with a grain of salt, seeing as the account followed it up with “this is called hilarious comedy.” The response might be an indicator this particular title was meant to be a joke to follow the time-related theme. That said, Stranger Things could be having some creative fun with their season 4 episode names. The line was memorably used in Kill Bill Vol. 2 and other notable titles. Or maybe, the title is more literal and Stranger Things will finally provide answers surrounding the mysterious egg in the Upside Down.

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