A player reveals an interesting glitch in Spider-Man: Miles Morales that beats any unlockable costume in the game, turning Miles into a literal, web-slinging brick. The game has finally made its release to the public, and thousands of players are already swinging around like Spider-Man. From the amazing graphics to its awesome original soundtrack, it makes sense why there was so much hype for the game’s release.

The game offers a large city to navigate, following Miles Morales and his journey in becoming Spider-Man. There is a wide option of abilities to use at the player’s disposal, giving a lot of unique ways to fight off crime. The game offers features like suit modifications to alter the player’s attacks and moves, which become an important part of progressing further into the game. While different suits and models might be cool, a player finds a glitch in the game that is better than any of these customizations.

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Rob Sheridan tweeted out a hilarious video showcasing a glitch that had turned his player into a brick. It is stated this bug occurred when he had collided with a wall, and somehow his entire character just transformed into a singular brick. The most interesting thing about the glitch was that the brick was still capable of shooting webs and swinging around like a normal player. It is uncertain how to recreate the glitch, but it is likely players will try to swing themselves into walls in hopes of becoming the fabled Spider-Brick. Forget Peter Parker – the real Spider-Man is a brick.

While it was tweeted out later that the glitch fixed itself by crashing the game during a fight, this hilarious bug still interested people in the option to have their character as a literal brick. In order for players to recreate this glitch, the only thing they’d have to go off of is Rob Sheridan saying he “collided with a wall”. If only there was more info on where he collided, then people would have a better chance of unlocking the Spider-Brick DLC pack. It would also help for people to know how he collided with the wall as well.

The bug is mostly harmless and hilarious (besides the fact it crashes the game), so it is likely the developers won’t try to patch it out. It may also be extremely difficult to recreate, especially with the world being so detailed and large. If the glitch does ever get fixed by the developers, it may be smart to add a funny easter egg in the game that gives the player an option to transform into a brick, at least for a short amount of time.

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales can be played on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Source: rob_sheridan