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Grey’s Anatomy is among the few medical TV shows that have brought us closer to the front-line and closer to the personal lives of people who’re tasked with our daily well-being. Despite being fictional, over the 16 seasons of its airing, the characters of Grey’s Anatomy have been engraved deeply into the hearts of staunch fans.

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And as far as matters of the heart go, despite not serving any meaningful real purpose, it might be worth the while knowing who your stars would be paired to had you gotten the chance to live happily ever after with any of these characters. Which of these iconic characters would be your soulmate, based on your zodiac sign?

12 Aries – Cristina Young

Cristina can be described in two words – competitive and ambitious. This makes her the perfect fit for an Aries. In the series, she’s portrayed as a lady never shy of courage, motivation, and energy to get things done. Whatever she embarks on, she never wants to be outdone.

Sadly, this courage and competitiveness are what form her greatest weakness. On several occasions, she’s been reckless while trying to go for short-term results. Plus, if you’re to ever get into an argument with her, know that she’ll love to be listened to, but enraged when her points are contradicted.

11 Taurus – Alex Karev

Alex Karev’s character and personality align flawlessly with the Taurus. He’s very difficult to form a bond of affection with. However, once he likes you, you end up having an amazing relationship together.

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Alex is also patient and not too aggressive. Therefore, he can put up with issues and problems for a long time before he gets irked by the situation. He also takes practical efforts to achieve his goals, dreams, and ambitions in life. However, his unaggressive nature keeps him from taking too many risks, most times. Plus, his temper can quickly go over the roof once his patience runs out.

10 Gemini – Lexie Grey

Despite giving up her soul, (well, fictional soul), Lexie Grey was a smart, outstanding lass among her peers, something that saw her grow faster than most of her age. This intelligence and great problem-solving skills are the reasons why a Gemini would fall in love with her.

Plus, she wasn’t the type that would sit quietly all day. Her talkative nature made her very persuasive, eloquent, and outgoing. But that’s where the problem lies. Lexie can sink emotionally quickly. She can easily fall victim to unhealthy routines, lack of motivation, and instability.

9 Cancer – Arizona Robbins

If you love giving out to people unconditionally and showing love and affection to not just friends but also those around you, then you’re a Cancer. That means Arizona Robbins should be your Grey’s Anatomy match.

All through the show, Arizona has not flinched when it’s come to giving out to people and being a loving and affectionate friend. She’s done this not just to her colleagues but her patients as well, going as far as fighting for them in the hospital beds. The only downsides are, it’s easy for Arizona to lose control of her emotions, and she can easily cling to the past for too long.

8 Leo – Mark Sloan

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Leos are inseparable from attention. And if we would give attention a Grey’s Anatomy face, Mark Sloan would be the perfect fit. Just like the planet all other Leos come from, Mark loved being the center of attention. He’s charming, full of life, energetic, and very proud. Because of this, he prefers living among people.

Of course, this doesn’t mean your soulmate is a tough cowboy to control. In addition to his hunger for success, Mark still manages to show exemplary leadership skills, which, in the show, made him a great guide for the residents.

7 Virgo – Miranda Bailey

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Attention to detail, hard work, and organization are the cornerstones of Miranda Bailey. Plus, just like Virgos, she has a keen ear that can pick up the nitty-gritty going on around her, so that she can make proper assessments, correctly identify the problems, and formulate the right solutions.

But this powerful problem-solving skill is her biggest downfall. Miranda can easily get frustrated when she encounters situations that surpass her understanding. For this, she might need a little bit of guidance from you or her friends.

6 Libra – Richard Webber

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Richard is the security and assurance a Libra needs. He is a great leader and teacher who knows how to take control of anxious situations and make tough decisions you’d be scared to make. He’s the kind of person that puts others’ happiness first.

This can be comforting for a Libra like you who wants the assurance that you’ll not be struggling to make people happy. Rather, you’d be more peaceful thanks to Richard’s positive impact that makes him more of a peacemaker in your life. What’s great about Richard is that he lets you give up a bit of control, while still making you feel secure enough to trust his leadership.

5 Scorpio – Jackson Avery

Jackson Avery fits perfectly as the Scorpio soulmate because of his mystical nature and presence. He’s a man who hates handouts, so he wants to get along and succeed by his merit despite the rather famous name he carries.

Plus, Jackson craves passion and dominance in all aspects of his life. You can see this when he chose to object during April’s wedding so that the two lovebirds could run away together. Such impulsive decisions are characteristic of all Scorpios and thus make them stand out.

4 Sagittarius – Callie Torres

Callie Torres hates control. She can show defiance just because someone tried to tell her what to do. That is a perfect Sagittarius trait. Despite the defiance, she still has a way of being loveable, fun-loving, and attracted to exuberant and optimistic people.

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This optimism is a strong trait we see in her character all through the series. Despite having a happy start, dancing in her underwear, Torres still manages to have a huge heart despite the harrowing death of Mark, amputation of Arizona’s leg, and the bitter custody battle.

3 Capricorn – Teddy Altman

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Capricorns are the typical bosses and high-achievers. They’re responsible, focused, and disciplined. Their traits are so ingrained, that before they even think about romance, you have to match up to their high standards first. That is Dr. Teddy Altman for you.

She ticks the beauty box (of course), she’s smart enough to be a doctor, her marriage was for a practical reason, and she’s even served her country. Plus, her loyalty to the people she loves is so high, that she’s vowed to herself to stick through thick and thin.

2 Aquarius – April Kepner

An Aquarius is, for lack of a better word, a softie. They’re shy of their emotional feelings thus often shun them away for logic. This makes it hard for an Aquarius to express his or her emotions. Because of this trait, an Aquarius is rarely suited for another Aquarius. What he/she needs, (well, as far as Grey Anatomy is concerned), is April Kepner.

April is a master at understanding emotions. She believes that this is the reason why she’s better at home and work. Interestingly, the series suggests that she started as a typical Aquarius, and had to develop her emotional side as the series progressed.

1 Pisces – Levi Schmitt

For Pisces, it’s all about great sensitivity and imagination. This means that naturally, Pisces are empathetic. This allows them to closely feel what others are feeling, making it easier for them to put their needs second to that of others.

For Levi Schmitt, his Pisces character is seen in how he prefers concentration and performance over the economic gains of his work. As far as his personal life is concerned, just like a Pisces, he idealized his partners. This works well despite, like most Pisces, Levi finding it hard to stay connected and feel strong to society.

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