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While waiting in anticipation for Cyberpunk 2077 players can plan out more of their character’s actions by looking into several different gangs. While there are likely more than the eight discussed in episode three of Night City Wire, these are the ones currently discussed. Which one should players consider working within Night City?

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There were eight diverse gangs spoken about within the Night City Wire episode, however, some were labeled and not spoken about. Particularly, the badlands area of Night City is not well covered. The eight covered here are the Animals, Aldecaldos, Maelstrom, Moxes, Tyger Claws, Valentinos, Voodoo Boys, and 6th Street.

As a mercenary, V cannot actively join any of the gangs listed here. Mercs are known to only work for themselves, so the gangs won’t be trustful enough with V to allow players to join anyway. However, they can do work for any of them.


The Animals were originally just a group of meatheads who built their bodies to impossible levels of strength through tech and training. Psychotic hired muscle grouped together. Fists and heavy melee weapons are their favorites. While not having a singular real goal or leader, they were a bit aimless. However, recently they have encroached on Pacifica, angering the Voodoo Boys.

Anyone looking to play a character that is focused on strength and melee should consider working with them as they likely will give rewards related to what they work with. Just remember that this will likely put the player at a bad disposition with the Voodoo Boys.


The Aldecaldos appear to be a sort of Nomad family out in the badlands. This may be the group that players start in if they choose the Nomad background.

While not much is known yet about this group, players with a Nomad background may want to heavily consider this group either for the role-playing aspect or for familiarity’s sake.


The Malestrom gangers are vicious, turning themselves into cyborgs with a heavy dependency on drugs. This group is chaotic and likely to change their decision at any minute on the fly. While being temperamental and known to cause violence for the sake of violence, they also have some of the best tech of any of the gangs. In particular, the best cyberware options.

While getting a good disposition with the Maelstroms may be difficult, street kids should be able to work their way around a conversation with this group. They’d be a great gang to start with for the cybernetics, just remember that it will get the Corpos angry with V.


The Moxes are a group of sex-workers, pimps, and other entertainers. They have been hunted by the Tyger Claws for awhile as longtime enemies. This is another group based around family or community. Moxes are known for being the other type of freakshow than the Maelstrom gang.

This is another great gang for a street kid or nomad to help out with. As a street kid, V will likely relate to a lot of the gang and grow somewhat attached to helping them out. As a nomad, V might enjoy seeing another family that works through things together.

Tyger Claws

The Tyger Claws is an Asian group started mostly from sex-work and black-market tech. They rule most of Korea Town. They are a very secretive group that seems to do a lot of running of black market items. Swords appear to be their favored weapons.

While not discussed yet, several of the gangs are somewhat race-based. This may or may not affect whether V can work with certain groups as they may need to be of the same race to be trusted. That is unknown at the moment, but worth considering. The Tyger Claws should be considered by players wanting to race deliveries across Night City and fight with a sword. Just remember this might end V up in the doghouse with the Moxes.


The Valentinos are a Hispanic group that is fairly religious and family-oriented. They are known for their style, take pleasure in finding the perfect punishment for those that rise against them. The Valentinos are also heavily angled against the gang known as 6th Street.

One of V’s various future companions, Jackie has worked with them previously. He doesn’t seem to have a very high opinion of them but is willing to work with them. However, it sounds like they are somewhat paranoid about being double-crossed and will come after V.

Voodoo Boys

The Voodoo Boys are a group of high-tech Haitian netrunners. They aren’t known well outside of the hacking community as their work is almost invisible. Known as more of a myth or legend. They scare Corpos as they are working to break through the Blackwall, some sort of wall of security meant to keep something secret. They control Pacifica, a Haitian refuge within the city.

This seems like the perfect group for a netrunner built V to work with. However, they also are very secretive and will likely require a bit of convincing to let them work with V. They may not even show up as an option for players to work with until later into the game as they are heavily tied with the main story shown in other trailers.

6th Street

6th Street is a group of hyper-patriotic gangsters equivalent to a fraternity. Constantly partying, drinking, and shooting their guns in celebration. While not covered in the preview, given that they hate the Valentinos they are likely anti-immigration as well.

This group is likely an easy baseboard gang for V to work with especially as a street kid. They don’t sound like they are too worried about other groups or anything other than keeping their gun rights. Profitable, but likely frustrating to work with.

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Cyberpunk 2077 will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on December 10, 2020.

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