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V for Vendetta was first released in 2006 but became a cult classic movie for its underlying message about corrupt governments. The dystopian political thriller was based on the popular limited comic series of the same name and the film centered around an anarchist and freedom fighter who goes by the name, “V” (Hugo Weaving).

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The movie has been highly regarded for its political views and stance on a neo-fascist totalitarian regime that takes place in a world that has gone corrupt. Many fans praise the film, as well as various political groups. The movie has a number of inspiring moments and quotes that have audiences thinking about its deeper meaning. Let’s take a look at which quotes are relevant and worth noting.

Updated by Gabriela Silva on November 27th, 2020: V for Vendetta became a movie of hope against corruption in a dystopian reality. The movie played upon common fears of leaders getting too absorbed with their power statuses. With one main character appealing to morals and emotion while the other is the masked crusader looking to destroy supremacy and give back the freedom to the people. The movie has many memorable moments. Moments and quotes that still inspire. 

15 “He Was Edmond Dantes. And He Was My Father, And My Mother, My Brother, My Friend. He Was You, And Me. He Was All Of Us.”

As Evey (Natalie Portman) sets off V’s final mission, she says this quote. Evey is asked who V was. She doesn’t truly know, no one does. She calls him Edmond Dantes. The main character in The Count of Monte Cristo.

There are many parallels between him and Edmund. Both were failed by the justice system and fueled by the rage of its injustice. V and Edmond were reborn looking for vengeance and freedom. Evey’s quote symbolizes how V’s ideas and Edmund’s vengeance was prevalent in all of them looking for a new reality.

14 “Then You Have No Fear Anymore. You’re Completely Free.”

In a turn of events in the movie, Evey is taken prisoner and tortured for information on V. The movie shifts direction and focuses on Evey’s time imprisoned and her finding Valerie Page’s (Natasha Wightman) letter. By the end of her confinement, she is asked for the smallest shred of information.

Evey refuses and finds a new power within herself. She says she’d rather die behind the chemical sheds. The guard says the above line. Implying that fear is what holds people back, even Evey. It’s its own prison within the human mind. Once devoid of fear, then a person can be free. Evey, now having no fear, is truly free.

13 “God Is In The Rain”

After Evey is set free, she walks outside and sees that it’s raining. It’s a moving moment when she comes to realize that she faced death with steadiness and with no fear. She says the line “God is in the rain.” This was also heard when she first reads Valerie’s letter.

The line can mean many things whether metaphorically or Biblically. Some take it as being that even when it’s pouring rain, wet and gloomy and you find yourself stuck, there’s a reason for it. There can still be a sense of good from it. It relates back to Evey suffering the way she did but ultimately finds a new strength in her.

12 “We Are Told To Remember The Idea, Not The Man. Because A Man Can Fail.”

The rest of the quote continues as,” He can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten, but 400 years later, an idea can still change the world.” The character of V was never meant to become a solid and attainable character. Instead, he was meant to symbolize an idea. A marker for change. Hence why Evey doesn’t say who he really was.

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Even without V, his idea and his pursuit for change are what’s remembered. The importance of November 5th started with an idea and was given life by the mass of people who followed it in the end.

11 “That’s The Most Beautiful Thing You Could Have Ever Given Me.”

In the movie, Evey ends up falling in love with V and he with her. In his final moments, V tells Evey that he loves her. She changed the way he saw his end goal. For him, it was always vengeance leading up to the grand day. But he fell in love when he thought it was impossible.

Evey doesn’t want him to go but V reassures her. The most beautiful thing she had ever given him was her love. She understood who he was beyond his pain and vengeance.

10 “But What I Hope Most Of All Is That You Understand What I Mean When I Tell You That …”

When Evey is taken prisoner after Gordon’s (Stephen Fry) home is raided, she finds a piece of paper hidden in her cell. It’s a handwritten letter from a woman named Valerie. She has been imprisoned for her sexuality and wanted her life story to be read by someone.

She details her life as an actress and finding the love of her life before being taken to an imprisonment camp. She ends her letter with, “But what I hope most of all is that you understand what I mean when I tell you that, even though I do not know you, and even though I may never meet you, laugh with you, cry with you, or kiss you, I love you. With all my heart, I love you. Valerie.”

9 “A Revolution Without Dancing Is A Revolution Not Worth Having!”

November 5th is upon the U.K. and Evey returns to V one last time. In the scene, V sadly laments having heard the vast array of music that he has, but has had no one to dance with. He asks Evey for one final wish, a dance.

She initially is perplexed at his request, as he is ready to start a life-altering revolution against the government. He answers with, “A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having!” Despite V’s horrid past and solitude, all he wanted was a dance.

8 “You Wear A Mask For So Long You Forget Who You Were Beneath It.”

Evey seeks shelter with her coworker, Gordon, after she escapes V the first time. Gordon shows her his hidden room full of artifacts that have been abolished by the government. A set of erotic photographs catches Every’s eye.

He addresses Evey’s inquiry on his previous dinner invitation. He says the line referring to his own sexuality and the constant fear of being discovered and having to keep up appearances. In the end, he lost a part of who he really is.

7 “There Are No Coincidences, Only The Illusion Of Coincidences.”

V continues his vendetta again those who experimented on him and the thousands of poor souls at the Larkhill Detention Center. His target is Delia Surridge (Sinéad Cusack) who was the head physician, now coroner. She knows V is coming for her. Another name on his list for revenge.

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She accepts her death and regrets ever taking part in the death of thousands. She calls it a coincidence that she was given one of his roses that day. V says the line implying that she sealed her fate long ago and must now come to face it.

6 “But If You See What I See, If You Feel As I Feel, And If You Would Seek As I Seek …”

V makes his first speech to the public of London and makes himself known. He calls out the corruption of the government and partially blames its people. He explains that the people let fear get the best of them and allowed in a chancellor who promised peace but only delivered tyranny.

V calls for a revolution on November 5th. He expresses, “But if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me one year from tonight.” He calls for people who see the truth to rebel and join him in freedom.

5 “He Used To Say That Artists Use Lies To Tell The Truth, While Politicians Use Them To Cover The Truth Up.”

Evey isn’t just a mundane citizen. After the death of their son, her father and mother started protesting against the government. They were both taken and tortured and it’s revealed that her father was once a writer.

Evey tells V that her father used to say that artists used lies to tell the truth while politicians do the opposite. The quote is fitting as the main spokesperson for the regime, Lewis Prothero (Roger Allam), tells lies to make citizens believe in the corrupt government.

4 “It’s A Basic Principle Of The Universe That Every Action Causes An Equal And Opposing Reaction.”

Evey realizes the truth behind V’s actions and gives him a hard reality. V explains that the inhumane things they did to him and others warrant a response and a type of vengeance.

Evey doesn’t see it that way, it’s too scientific. V lashes out and says what they did was monstrous and Evey retaliates by saying hence they created a monster.

3 “Beneath This Mask There Is More Than Flesh. Beneath This Mask There Is An idea. And Ideas Are Bulletproof.”

The concept of ideas is played on a lot in the movie. Mr. Creedy (Tim Pigott-Smith) tries to kill V with gunfire, but V remains standing. Mr.Creedy is perplexed and asks why he won’t die and V delivers this line. The concept here is that ideas live on, regardless of a physical form, hence, they are bulletproof.

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Evey comments on the concept as well, stating that people are told to remember the idea, not the man. The man can die, perish, and fail, but the idea can live on for years and inspire change.

2 “A Building Is A Symbol, As Is The Act Of Destroying It. Symbols Are Given Power By People.”

In one of the first encounters with V, Evey asks about his statement about blowing up Parliament. She doesn’t see the logic in destroying a building. He explains that symbols are only given their power by their people. The people are the ones who give it significance.

Parliament on its own means nothing. He says, “Alone, a symbol, it is meaningless, but with enough people, blowing up a building can change the world.”

1 “People Should Not Be Afraid Of Their Governments. Governments Should Be Afraid Of Their People.”

In V for Vendetta, while having breakfast, Evey and V discuss his plan. Evey tries to explain that if people show up on November 5th, they will be “black-bagged,” referring to being captured and tortured. The people of London live in fear of the government.

V says this, the most iconic line in the movie – a country is only as good as its people and the same applies to its government. When banded together for a common good, the people hold the most power.

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