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Here are some of the biggest reveals from the Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery boxset. There are few shows as groundbreaking as Twin Peaks, which was utterly unlike anything else that had come before it. Co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost merged their styles to create a murder mystery/melodrama/sitcom/horror hybrid that featured unforgettable characters and sequences. Even viewers who’ve never watched a single episode will know some of its most iconic moments.

Sadly Twin Peaks quickly sank into decline during season 2, as a mix of network and audience pressure led to the early reveal of Laura Palmer’s killer. Without this primary story engine later episodes felt gimmicky and reliant on quirky subplots, and it was cancelled by the end of the season. Lynch’s 1992 prequel movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me was also met with a harsh critical reception from fans and critics for being much darker than the show.

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There have been a few editions of the show packaged on DVD and Blu-ray over the years, such as the Definitive Gold Box Edition, and 2014 saw the arrival of Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery. This packaged the first two seasons and the prequel film with a bevy of new extras, and undoubtedly the biggest pull for fans were the legendary Fire Walk With Me deleted scenes. Lynch cut a lot from his 1992 film, including several fan-favorite characters, and for the boxset these missing scenes were edited into a big 90 movie of sorts dubbed The Missing Pieces.

Those hoping Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me would be explained with The Missing Pieces will be disappointed, but these excised scenes leave much to chew on. Notable deletions include Agent Chet Desmond (Chris Isaak) beating the crap out of Sheriff Cable after he refuses to release Teresa Banks’ body, Cooper talking to an unseen Diane and a new scene with David Bowie’s Jeffries in Buenos Aires, where he askes for “Judy” – who would eventually be expanded upon in 2017’s The Return. After Jeffries later disappears from the FBI building he rematerializes again in Buenos Aires.

Other deleted scenes of note from Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces include a happy family meal between the Palmers, a quirky scene at the Packard Mill where Pete and Josie receive a complaint about the size of two-by-fours, a scene between Sheriff Harry and his deputies and the Log Lady hearing Laura’s screams near the finale. Of particular note are scenes that take place after the season 2 finale, including Heather Graham’s Annie being taken to hospital and Cooper – after being possessed by BOB – speaking with Harry as his head bleeds.

Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery’s other bonus features include an extended cut of “A Slice Of Lynch,” where an endlessly charming Lynch reminisces with Mädchen Amick and Kyle MacLachlan about Twin Peaks, and the featurette “Between Two Worlds.” This sees David Lynch interviewing the Palmer family – even though two of them are dead – about their lives. Leland reminisces on their happier times, admits to his affairs but blames BOB’s for his assaults on Laura, while Sarah still lives in Twin Peaks and puts on a happy face for the world while watching TV in a crumbling house – much like the character would be presented in The Return.

Laura herself doesn’t talk much of her “life” following her death but admits to feeling peace with her new existence; Lynch then interviews the actors out of character. Various older features ported over from previous releases are also included like the Log Lady intros and “Location Guide,” revealing the key locations where Twin Peaks was filmed. There’s a new making of titled “Moving Through Time: Fire Walk With Me” that features memories from various cast and crew about the prequel. Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery is a solid boxset for fans, but following the arrival of revival series The Return and Twin Peaks: From Z To A – which packages everything together with even more bonus material – the latter might be the best boxset for completionists.

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