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Edward Cullen is not just a character, he is an era. He captured the imaginations of millions of women worldwide with the release of the Twilight books 2008 onwards, and Robert Pattinson’s classic good looks in the movies only made his fandom grow wider and louder. The brooding and sensitive vampire who fell in love with Bella Swan and protected her through dangers (always from his own kind) became a cult figure, and recently made a return to fans’ imaginations with the release of Midnight Sun.

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While the movies did justice to the gorgeous Edward in most ways, they couldn’t cover some details about his life which could only be found in the books. Here are some things that only bookish Twihards would know about Carlisle’s favorite son.

10 More Than 6 Feet Tall

In the books, the Cullens were all described as ethereally beautiful. What the movie missed was that they towered over the rest of the population of Forks, because they were all above 6 feet tall. Edward was supposed to be one of the tallest in his clan of vegetarian vamps, but only book lovers would know the stats.

While Robert Pattinson is 6 feet tall, one can’t tell what his height was in the movies and the numerical figure was definitely not mentioned.

9 Curiosity About Bella

One aspect of Edward’s character that came through clearly in all the books, but especially in Twilight was that he was immensely curious about Bella. Since he couldn’t read her mind at all, he had to make do with asking questions like a regular person to get to know her, which made their relationship just a touch more human.

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They had allotted days where they would ask each other questions, and Edward would bombard Bella for entire days about mundane things like her favorite color, flower, and food, which one could only know from the books.

8 Sense Of Humor

It was true that Edward was a brooding sort. He was moody and introspective a lot (too much sometimes), but he also had this wonderful playful side of him that didn’t make much of an appearance in the movies.

He had a sense of humor, especially with Bella in the beginning stages of their relationship. In the book, he deliberately blocked her car’s path so that cocky Tyler would get a chance to ask Bella to prom and Edward could watch her frustrated reaction for laughs.

7 Tanya Denali Liked Edward

The Denalis and the Cullens were dear friends, mainly because they also followed the humane diet that the Cullens preferred. What movie fans wouldn’t know was that Tanya Denali had a big crush on Edward, and she pursued him relentlessly for a long time before he got together with Bella.

When Edward fled to Alaska after his first, dangerous brush with Bella in school, she was still very much in lust or love with Edward and asked if he would change his mind.

6 Watched Bella… A Lot

The movies did show this aspect of Edward’s character, but they didn’t capture the extent of it even a little bit. Twilight showed him in Bella’s room once, but Edward had made it a nightly ritual for some months. He used to disappear from his home and watched her sleep as well as guarded her every night.

Even during school hours, Edward watched her through her classmates’ minds when she was in gym or other classes, which meant he watched her in different ways, a lot.

5 Technically Doesn’t Need To Breathe

There were scenes in the movie where audiences can see Edward’s breath in the cold, but what only movie-watchers wouldn’t know was that as a vampire, Edward does not need to breathe at all. This means he could swim for long periods of time (he swam the English channel) and do a host of other activities without, well, running out of breath.

In the books, Edward was known to hold his breath for whole days to avoid getting a whiff of Bella’s alluring blood.

4 The Caring Moment After Biology

The movies didn’t show this part at all, but there is a rather sweet section in the book where Bella went to the Biology class that Edward skipped: because they were blood typing. To keep himself in check, he sat in the school parking lot, but then saw Mike Newton carrying a faint Bella to the nurse.

Edward immediately went to Bella’s rescue and carried her to the nurse in her arms so that she would be safe and well-taken care of. He also used his charms on the admin and nurse to help Bella get out of class completely which wasn’t in the movies.

3 Knew About Bella’s Future

What fans learned only from the books was that even before they started dating in earnest, Edward had seen Bella’s future as a vampire in Alice’s mind. He had seen several versions of her future, one of which also contained images of Bella lying broken and dead in Edward’s arms.

However, as his feelings for Bella grew stronger, he could see two futures: one with her as a vampire and one where she was older but with him.

2 Kept His Distance For A While

In the books, Edward was a lot more cautious about being in close proximity with and touching Bella. He kept his distance from her in cars, restaurants, and when they were alone even after they had kissed because he didn’t trust his own strength and impulses around her. He refrained from even casual touches like holding her hand, and only stroked her face lightly.

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In the movies, Edward became too comfortable very quickly, which didn’t portray his inner struggle well. When they arrived at school together, he slung his arm around her which he didn’t do in the books.

1 Fondness For Angela

Edward was fond of Angela as a human being. He read her kind thoughts towards others and towards Bella, which were refreshing to him after reading spiteful human minds over the years. This made him fond of the kind girl, and he went out of his way to make sure that he did her a kind turn: He orchestrated a fake conversation with Emmet near Ben to make sure he asked Angela to prom, as she was hoping.

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