Thor may be Marvel‘s God of Thunder, but even the Thunder God could use a secret identity of his own to aid in his superhero endeavors. Or so he thought.

For decades in Marvel Comics, Donald Blake was famously known as the human alter ego of Thor. Operating as a doctor on Earth alongside his nurse and Thor’s eventual love interest Jane Foster (who eventually becomes worthy of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir), the disabled Blake was chosen by Odin to be the mortal host for Thor. Relying on the use of a wooden cane, Blake’s tap of the cane would instantaneously grant the doctor with the awesome powers of Asgard’s God of Thunder. While Thor’s association with Blake has been somewhat forgotten in recent comic arcs, the persona did receive an acknowledgment in the first Marvel Studios Thor film from 2011.

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Donald Blake’s vengeance against Thor will reach a boiling point in writer Donny Cates (Silver Surfer Black, Venom) and artist Nic Klein (Deadpool)’s upcoming Thor#10, the following chapter in Cates’ ongoing Prey saga. Desiring revenge against Odin and all of the Asgardians for being used as an unwilling pawn, Blake sets to retaliate with a weapon of their own making. A weapon that has battled Blake’s former counterpart Thor to a standstill on multiple occasions, The Destroyer. A mighty guardian of Asgard used for destructive purposes by Loki every so often, The Destroyer in the hands of the vindictive Blake can only bring catastrophe for Thor and his family. But Donald Blake wasn’t always out to get Thor.

Blake’s current hatred for Thor largely stems from the mortal man being secured in the dream-like paradise of a suburbia construct, after having his elemental life taken by the malevolent Asgardian sorceress Amora the Enchantress. However, Blake’s so-called paradise has been nothing but a mock-up, with the good doctor’s world inevitably closing in. Clearly, Donald feels betrayed by his former comrades.

Now, Blake has returned managed to escape from his mystical prison after years of being “imprisoned”, and shares an appearance much more in line with his former avatar. Trapped in a world not of his own, Blake has forever changed… a mere shell of the kind man he once was. Marvel Comics Thor#10 will be available in comic shops and digital retailers on December 2nd.

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