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Warning: spoilers ahead for Suicide Squad #11!

In the latest and final issue of Tom Taylor’s Suicide Squadthere’s just one last mission to take care of. Deadshot has been shot dead, and Harley Quinn is now a free woman, having served her time with Task Force X. As their last act, the team decides to kill the Suicide Squad for good.

In this final issue, Black Mask has been apprehended and his dark deeds have come to light. Using advanced disguising technology, Black Mask had long been posing as the billionaire Ted Kord, who got the US Government to sell him the Task Force X program in a hostile takeover. Black Mask wanted to use the Squad to enact his sinister goals and help him get control over the island nation of Badhnisia, as it had recently been revealed that it holds the largest source of oil in the entire world. However, that’s what would have happened had the new Suicide Squad – featuring Deadshot, Harley, and the team formerly known as the Revolutionaries – not found a way to break free from Black Mask’s control and remove their head implants. Once they were free, they took the fight to Kord, who was eventually revealed to be Black Mask himself.

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Now, Suicide Squad #11 from Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo sees the aftermath of their battle. Sadly, Deadshot was killed by Black Mask, giving his life in service of stopping Black Mask destroying the nation with a massive bomb. However, the rest of the team did manage to save the day and take out Black Mask. Even when the Justice League arrives to take Black Mask and the Squad into custody, the nation of Badhnisia has their backs and declares them heroes. After Harley leaves the team to start a new life and check in on Deadshot’s daughter, the Revolutionaries begin their next mission: kidnapping several wealthy individuals and government big wigs who have one thing in common: they’re all responsible for the existence of Task Force X and the Suicide Squad.

The reborn Revolutionaries choose to not kill the leaders themselves, but instead the Task Force X program itself. They give all of them an ultimatum: they can stop the program and move on, or the Revolutionaries will release all of the data and classified information they’ve obtained on all of them, which would let the entire world see them for their true selves. With that, the Suicide Squad is officially dead. Long live the Revolutionaries.

It’s a move that’s been a long time coming, as most Suicide Squad stories focus to some extent on the larger evil of forcing criminals to risk their lives on threat of death. Despite that, it does seem like an odd time for the Suicide Squad series and team to end in the DC Universe. James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad film is coming next year, and one would think that Warner Bros. and DC Comics would be looking to foster some synergy. In any case, while the Suicide Squad may be dead in the present, it looks as though there’ll be a new team in DC’s Future State event for fans to enjoy.

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