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Fans of The Office love Dwight and Angela’s quirkiness as a couple. They were the second longest-running couple next to Jim and Pam though they’re not respected in the same regard because of their secrecy. But as great as they were together, they had their missteps and broke up to explore their options.

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At Jim and Pam’s wedding, Dwight met Pam’s cousin, Isabel Poreba. The two were instantly attracted to each other and had a one-night stand. And while it was one night of passion, fans can’t help but recognize how perfect Dwight and Isabel were. Was Isabel the one that got away?

10 They Were Great Together: Perfect Breeding Partners

After Dwight learns that Jim and Pam are using their baby as a way to get sales, he decides that he too wants a child. He asks Angela if she would bear him a child and strikes up an agreement. The two were under contract to sleep with each other a number of times until they created a baby.

But after meeting Isabel, Dwight realizes Isabel might make a better “breeding partner” than Angela because of how tall she was. Angela, of course, came out on top, but Isabel and Dwight could have created a magically tall child.

9 They Wouldn’t Have Worked: She’s Related To Pam & Jim

Before season 9 rolled around, Dwight and Jim were mortal enemies. The two were competing salesmen at Dunder Mifflin and were total opposites. Deep down, however, fans knew they both had a sweet spot for each other. This was proven when Jim saved Dwight from being fired in Tallahassee.

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If Dwight ended up with Isabel, this would make Jim and Dwight related through marriage! If Pam wasn’t okay with Michael dating her mother, there was no way she would sign off on Dwight being with her favorite cousin.

8 They Were Great Together: They Have The Same Humor

It’s not to say that Dwight and Angela don’t have the same sense of humor but Isabel is more progressive and extroverted compared to Angela. It was extremely out of character for Angela to be at the office happy hour in the sixth season but Isabel would fit right in. Dwight wouldn’t need to hang back and hide in another room just to be with his date. If he was with Isabel, the two would have no qualms about keeping their relationship public.

7 They Wouldn’t Have Worked: One-Sided Relationship

Before Dwight and Michael went to Jim and Pam’s wedding, Dwight did some undercover work to find out who was single among their sea of guests. Isabel was one of those women and Dwight fell for her almost immediately.

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He talked about his horses on his beet farm, which seemed to delight her, and the two spent the night together. The next day, Isabel was excited to see Dwight at the ceremony but the feeling was one-sided. Dwight wanted nothing to do with her but she kept trying to get his attention.

6 They Were Great Together: She Wasn’t Intimidated By Angela

If there was anyone — that wasn’t Pam — who was going to get in between Dwight and Isabel, it would have been Angela. Angela is that one person Dwight can’t quit. She works with him and knows everything about him. Angela always found a way back to Dwight’s heart. But was Isabel intimidated?

Nope! At the happy hour, Isabel finds out about Dwight and Angela’s baby contract and isn’t phased in the slightest. She instead smacks Angela on the head and says “Whack!” Instead of Dwight going home with Angela or making sure she was okay, he left with Isabel!

5 They Wouldn’t Have Worked: Dwight Would Have Eventually Left Her For Angela

Speaking of Angela… Dwight would have eventually gotten bored of Isabel and went back to “monkey.” in no time. The two have far too deep a history to call it quits for good. And Angela feels the same way. Isabel wouldn’t be able to visit Dwight at work often because she’s a busy dental hygenist who lives outside of Scranton. This would leave Dwight in the open arms of a loving Angela.

4 They Were Great Together: Did Isabel Make Dwight “Normal?”

Some fans felt that Isabel made Dwight more normal. The way he acted around her transformed him into an alpha male but in the best way. He was confident, outgoing, and tried to be likable in front of his enemies. With Isabel by his side, Dwight could have been on good terms with Jim and Pam far earlier than season 9.

3 They Wouldn’t Have Worked: Both Were Too Headstrong

What was so attractive about Dwight and Isabel’s “relationship” was their bond. They were both strong, outgoing, and independent. However, two Dwights or two Isabels wouldn’t have worked.

In this case, opposites attract. Dwight needs someone who can let him shine and support his wacky ideas. Isabel would have been a supportive partner but she’s the kind of woman who also needs that kind of support, and we’re not so sure Dwight would offer that to her.

2 They Were Great Together: Physical Chemistry

There are a few characters on The Office who had great chemistry that wasn’t physical. Toby and Nellie could have hit it off based on their personalities but there was no intimate connection between them. The same can be said for Erin and Kevin. Dwight and Isabel, on the other hand, had fantastic physical chemistry.

When Pam and Jim were in the hospital with their first child, Dwight took it upon himself to do construction on their kitchen. Isabel stopped by to drop off a hot meal for Jim and Pam and when she saw Dwight, viewers could cut the tension with a knife.

1 They Wouldn’t Have Worked: She’s A Bumpkin

After Dwight’s one-night stand, Michael was impressed that Dwight could land a woman as stunning as Isabel. At breakfast, Michael asks Dwight if he’s going to see her again. While stuffing his face with breakfast food, Dwight declines to ask Isabel out because she’s a “bumpkin” from Carbondale and “makes love like one.”

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