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Warning: This post includes spoilers for The Mandalorian season 2 episode 5.

The Mandalorian‘s fifth episode of season 2, “The Jedi” once more includes some stunning artwork to accompany the credits with an alternative look at the episode’s key moments. The episode was heavy on lore hints, tying into the original trilogy, the prequels, Clone Wars and Rebels all thanks to Ahsoka Tano’s debut and it’s an episode likely to inspire lots of excited conversation.

After the reveal of the so-called New Era of the Empire and what Moff Gideon plans to use Baby Yoda for, episode five saw the long-awaited reveal of Rosario Dawson’s Jedi and even more stunningly, the Child’s real name and backstory. There was also a link to Ahsoka’s inevitable future, with the mention of Grand Admiral Thrawn’s seemingly alternative Empire faction and a new path for Din and the newly christened Grogu that will further tie them to the history of the Jedi.

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As with every episode, the concept art played over the credits offers a further look at some of the episode’s best moments. Here’s all 1o concept art pieces featured at the end of The Mandalorian season 2, episode 5, “The Jedi.”

For all the lore in the episode, the biggest talking point is bound to be the revelation of the backstory of Baby Yoda – or Grogu – and his real name.

This concept art appears to make Din Djarin’s arrival at the village more atmospheric and somewhat removed the threatening aura around the site on new planet Corvus.

A more detailed look here at Morgan Elsbeth’s grand village home with her stooped assassin droid companion holding the beskar spear in the background.

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Very much two different styles on show here as Ahsoka’s martial arts training determines how she vaults into the village while Din is fittingly less graceful in form.

The formidable battle appears to have taken place inside Morgan Elsbeth’s village dwelling, which clearly draws from the same East Asian influences the garden setting for the final version did.

For all of the aesthetic improvements they made, the Mon Calamari mechanics have put the Razor Crest in better condition from this art.

The two Force sensitive characters connected telepathically, and from the concept art, it looks like there was some consideration to have it take place in the ruins of a building of some sort, rather than just the forest.

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The Rogue One Darth Vader moment was good, but this might have been even better.

Despite his stubbornness, Baby Yoda showed off his Force powers to Ahsoka Tano, though this concept art seems to show that moment going differently. Or at the very least, it shows the moment he takes the ball knob from Din Djarin from a new angle. It appears to be a more concentrated Force usage, though.

The episode very much leaned into the idea that Baby Yoda and Din Djarin’s futures are still tied together beyond the latter’s “mission”. This evocative artwork very much fits the same idea.

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