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Mike Schur urges everyone to stay home for Thanksgiving this year by reminding people that the COVID pandemic isn’t over and saying that the food for the holiday is not very good. Schur is a comedy giant best known for creating The Good Placethe fast-paced and hilarious sitcom set in the afterlife. Before becoming a showrunner, he co-wrote The Office and Parks and Recreation, helped create Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and was a sketch writer on Saturday Night Live.

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The Good Place was a network sitcom focused on ethics and moral philosophy, meaning it was filled with a number of meaningful life lessons injected with humor and wit. Now, Schur has another message he wants to impart on the world: stay home for Thanksgiving this year. In a Twitter storm two days before Thanksgiving, Schur (handle @KenTremendous) urges everybody to sit this holiday out. He writes a long thread expressing his distaste for traditional Thanksgiving food. You can read his rant below:

Although Thanksgiving-lovers and The Good Place fans may be taken aback by Schur’s take, his opinion is not entirely surprising. Jake Peralta, the main character of one of the many sitcoms Schur has created, also hates Thanksgiving. He was also featured in a podcast hosted by Taylor Cox called Hills I’d Die On in which he insisted that Thanksgiving is the worst holiday because of the food, the timing, and the fact that it has historically white-washed holiday that erases the experiences of America’s indigenous people.

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Source: Mike Schur

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