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The Expanse is ending after season 6, Amazon reveals. Based on an award-winning novel series by science fiction writer James S.A. Corey, The Expanse first debuted on Syfy back in 2015 and quickly developed a devoted fan following. Unfortunately overall ratings for the show remained relatively low, and Syfy decided to pull the plug after three seasons.

But in a case reminiscent of Star Trek fans rallying to win that classic sci-fi series new life after it was canceled by CBS, fans of The Expanse came together to bring their favorite show back from the brink, winning it a fourth season as it switched over from Syfy to Amazon Prime Video. Now, a fifth season of the show is set to be delivered starting on December 16, 2020, as the story picks up after season 4’s big cliffhanger involving an asteroid attack on Earth. Season 5 sees the crew of the Rocinante breaking up, as Amos heads back to Baltimore to face his past, while Naomi has a long-awaited reunion with her long-lost son Filip.

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The fifth season of The Expanse sounds like it’s setting up for more futuristic excitement, and indeed season 5 won’t be the end as Amazon announces it’s renewed the show for a sixth season. However, that sixth season will be the end for The Expanse.

Set in the far future, The Expanse depicts a solar system where humans have spread out from Earth to colonize Mars, the asteroid belt and the moons of Jupiter, leading to a delicate balance of political power between various factions. But the politics of the system are thrown into disarray with the discovery of an alien protomolecule that leads to some bizarre manifestations, including the appearance of an alien ring that finally gives humans the power to leave the confines of their home system and explore exotic new worlds and the new possibilities that come along with them. Beginning as something of a sci-fi detective show, The Expanse soon proved itself to be multi-faceted, with elements of political thriller, action and horror added to the mix.

Though the show owes more than a little to classic series like Star Trek and Firefly, The Expanse has undoubtedly carved out its own niche as a serious sci-fi show that trades in legitimate speculation about the nature of future technology and the tangled web of future politics. By and large the show has maintained a high level of quality across its span of seasons, and there’s no reason to believe that won’t continue in seasons 5 and 6. It will of course be fascinating to see how the show’s writers wrap up the adventure in season 6, as all the many threads that have been weaving through the first five seasons are finally tied together in a way that will hopefully satisfy the loyal fans who’ve kept The Expanse alive over the years.

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