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Despite attempting to call the Arrowverse “The CWverse,” The CW had a far better option to go with that would allow better connectivity with the DCEU. 2020 has been a big year for The CW’s ever-growing DC TV franchise, which has become a big draw for the network. From the conclusion of Arrow to the massive Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event changing the franchise forever, the Arrowverse is evolving for its coming future.

Superman & Lois is arriving in February 20201 as the latest spinoff to join the Arrowverse line-up, while Supergirl and Black Lightning are both set to conclude next year with their sixth and fourth respective final seasons. Batwoman is making history for the Arrowverse as the series lost its main star, Ruby Rose, after she exited the DC drama by the end of season 1. Instead of recasting the Kate Kane part, the creators have created a new character that will be played by Javicia Leslie who will take over as Batwoman. The CW is also currently developing two new DC shows with the Black Lightning spinoff Painkiller as well as a Wonder Girl show centered on DC Future State’s Yara Flor. While all of this is very exciting for the Arrowverse in terms of change, there is one detail that still has many fans and critics curious.

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Barely two months ago, The CW rolled out a new sizzle reel to promote their enormous DC TV slate that will now also include Stargirl season 2 as it has left DC Universe. But rather than refer to Greg Berlanti’s shared universe as the “Arrowverse,” The CW instead debuted a new name: The CWverse. Despite having referred to it as the Arrowverse publicly as well as among the executive producers, writers, and cast members, The CW is attempting a rebrand that is, quite frankly, unnecessary. Not only does it neglect a brand that they’ve spent over 8 years building upon, but The CW is also doing Arrow a huge disservice.

Even Arrow star Stephen Amell has been open about how the rebrand is absurd, since his show was a huge factor in making the idea of a franchise possible. Regardless if Oliver Queen’s story is done in the Arrowverse, Arrow as a series will always be a big reason for why The CW has a massive shared universe to begin with. However, if The CW truly needs to rebrand their interconnected franchise, there is a much better option than “The CWverse.” After Crisis on Infinite Earths finally bridged the Arrowverse and the DCEU as being part of the same Multiverse, The CW should have gone with the DC TV Multiverse. Not only would that name make more sense among the loyal viewers that watch several of these shows, but DC TV Multiverse is a stronger marketing move for The CW.

Berlanti is what ties all these projects together because he is attached to almost every ongoing and upcoming DC drama that is coming up, both on The CW and now also HBO Max. It was through his first DC show Arrow that ended up creating a franchise that ultimately connected every past, present, and future DC TV show and film into the same Multiverse. Berlanti’s franchise is what brought DC’s Multiverse concept into the live-action world for all of Warner Bros.’ DC properties. Even though the Arrowverse is what the franchise should always be called, DC TV Multiverse is what The CW should have opted for in favor of The CWverse.

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