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The Netflix giant, The Crown, has captivated viewers over the last three seasons; thus, it is no surprise that season four is off to a spectacular start. The show follows the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II, from her wedding to Phillip until the present day. The fourth season is particularly juicy, as it covers the time period from 1977 to 1990.

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History lovers will know that this is partly because controversial Princess Diana entered the royal family during this time. While The Crown was already good before, infusing Diana and Charles’s love and life is only going to elevate it to new levels. With new plots and actors entering the picture, season four will be off the chain. Since viewers won’t be able to pry their eyes from the screen, there are some details they may overlook.

10 There Was A Filming Gap

Show creators and producers work hard to make seasons feel seamless, but this proved quite a challenge with the fourth season of The Crown. Because of the current worldwide pandemic, production on the show’s newest season came to a screeching halt.

Show creator Peter Morgan said that because of this, they did end up missing several weeks of filming. While they did their best to make all the pieces fit together, eagle-eyed viewers might be able to tell where the gap is.

9 Emma Corrin Was Never Supposed To Be Diana

When you watch her portray the ionic royal Princess Diana, it feels like she was made to play this part. It’s impossible to imagine anyone else taking on this massive role, although fans will have to try come season five.

Actress Emma Corrin was never supposed to be in the running for the part. In fact, she was only a stand-in; there to read opposite of the ladies who were auditioning to play Camilla. Watching the show, it doesn’t seem possible that this newcomer actress wasn’t immediately considered.

8 Corrin’s Wedding Dress Is Nearly An Exact Replica

Princess Diana’s wedding dress is a piece of fashion art, so when it came time to include Di and Charles’s wedding in the newest season, the dress had to be on point. The gown Corrin wears in filming is almost an exact replica of the one Princess Diana walked down the aisle in.

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The Emanuels designed the original wedding gown. Those same designers handed over the patterns, and a dress was made for Emma Corrin. It is said that when the actress stepped out wearing the piece, the room fell completely silent.

7 Few Americans In A Sea Of British Talent

Season Four is packed full of talent from across the pond, which makes sense considering the premise is that of the British Royal family. While nearly all actors and actresses who are filmed for season four, and the series in general, are British, not everyone is of English descent.

Actor John Lithgow, who played Winston Churchill in previous seasons, was born in the U.S.A. He is one of the only actors in the series to be American but play an iconic Brit. Season four welcomes American actress Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher.

6  The Vast Majority Of Season Four Is Shot On Location

The Crown is a notoriously expensive series to film. The first season cost a staggering one hundred and thirty million dollars to complete. With such a massive budget, the show can film on location for much of the time.

Season four included some ninety different shooting locations, which equates to roughly three-fourths of the entire season. Of the locations, several of the royal residences are features, eight of the twenty-three to be exact.

5 Margaret’s Many Cigarette Cases

Helena Bonham Carter portrays Princess Margaret in seasons Three and Four of The Crown. The series often shows her holding a dainty cigarette holder, and the actress had plenty to choose from.

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Carter rotated between some twelve cig holders, but not all were created equally. A thick horn holder was the favorite, and the actress preferred some cases over others. Watch closely and you’ll likely be able to pinpoint the more preferrable antique holders and cases.

4 Dogs For Days

The season and series showcase the Queen’s well-known love of Corgi canines. The series often shows two Corgis at the Queen’s feet, but many other pups were on set. The reason was in case a larger Corgi population needed to be in season shots. Y

ou could never accurately create a show about the Queen without having some little Corgis in tow. No one loves the breed more than Her Highness!

3 On-Screen Romance?

Former X-Files actress Gillian Anderson arrives in season four as the esteemed Margaret Thatcher. Anderson, a well-known star, brings much prestige to the series.

A hidden detail regarding Anderson’s seven degrees of separation is that she is reportedly romantically linked to Peter Morgan. Fans of the series should know that Morgan is the mastermind behind The Crown, serving as its screenwriter.

2 Don’t Miss The Desk Props

For those paying extremely close attention, the props used to adorn the Queen’s desk were carefully thought out and chosen. Fans will notice that the Queen’s desk is littered with racing paraphernalia like a horse hoof letter opener, a horseshoe pen opener, Royal stationary and blotters, diaries, and leather frames containing family images.

The props were a challenge to get just right but truly speak to the level of detail that the people working on this series attempt to attain.

1 Mouse On The Loose

In the third season of the series, the Queen and her kin are awaiting a very important phone call regarding Prince Charles and an impending engagement to Lady Diana Spencer. Fans who rarely peel their eyes from the screen noticed a small guest star scurry across the floor at the queen’s feet.

That guest star had no lines, and in fact, was a mouse! The rodent appearance got fans all riled up, and was even commented on by the show’s official Facebook page.

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