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The Demon’s Souls remake is out on PlayStation 5 and is introducing a new generation of players back to the series’ roots. Developer Bluepoint has kept the game very faithful to the original PlayStation 3 version. At first, they considered making an additional easy mode, but decided to keep the game true to From Software’s vision. There are some minor updates to the game’s content, including DLC weapons, but they don’t have a huge impact.

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One of the biggest choices in Demon’s Souls is a character’s build. Should they focus on Strength and a massive weapon? Maybe instead go for a stealthy backstabber or cunning archer? Or even a primary magic caster who hardly uses weapons? All of these are perfectly valid playstyles. To help make this choice, one should browse through the myriad of weapon options available throughout the game.

Great Club

The Great Club is a super large hammer that can impact huge amounts of damage. The attacks are slow but can break guard and harm stamina. The Great Club requires a lot of Strength to wield but has some fantastic scaling. The Great Club itself is in world 2-1, search for the crystal lizard scampering around the lower area. At one end of the hall will be a Steel Shield and at the other the Great Club. An extra Great Club can also be gained from 5-1. In the Leechmonger boss area will be various enemies, and one holds onto the Great Club. Last, the Great Club is also a rare drop from the Giant Depraved One enemy.


The Uchigatana can serve as one of the first katanas available in the game. It does less damage than other weapons of its type but does not cause damage to the wielder. As with other weapons, players should consider the Sharp, Mercury, or Crescent upgrades depending on their preferred playstyle. The weapon can be found after beating the Vanguard in area 4-1. It is also possible to reach the area by heading through the underground secret passage through an illusionary wall. The Uchigatana is also a possible drop from Black Skeleton enemies.


The Claymore is another superb Strength-based weapon for players looking for brutal, yet somewhat fast attacks. The weapon is sold by the Dregling Merchant for 6,000 souls. He moves between worlds 1-1, 1-2, and 1-3 based on story progression. For those looking to save a bit of souls, another option is to fight the Blue Eye Knights wandering around the early game. This enemy can drop a free Claymore, though it is rare on the loot table.

Compound Longbow

The Compound Longbow is among the most versatile ranged weapons. Players should consider the Sticky upgrade path, or the straight base +10 if using the bow as an emergency weapon. While bows tend to be circumstantial weapons, a full archery build can be deadly in its own right. Still, players should have some sort of backup ranged attack just in case they get in a situation where distance is more important than power.

The Compound Longbow is in 4-1, just past the first fog gate. After defeating the Vanguard boss, head left and locate a staircase leading to the top of a tower. There will be a Silver Skeleton archer guarding the area. The body next to him has a Compound Longbow on it. Silver Skeeltons themselves can also sometimes drop extra Compound Longbows.


The Falchion is among the strongest cured swords. The basic +10 can prove to be very useful, but one might want to instead go Tearing for even more bleed, or Mercury for a bleed-poison combination. Wanderer classes start with the weapon, giving them a nice advantage. Other characters can depend on Grave Robber Blige, who will sell the weapon for 1,500 souls. Players will first need to rescue Blige in 4-1 who is trapped in a cell. This can be opened with a copper key, found at the tower on the right of the first fog door. He will then relocate to 4-2 to sell his wares.

Players can also locate a Crescent upgrade version of the Falchion in 4-1 itself. Past the first fog gate, head left and rush to the skeleton wielding two blades. Defeat or run past him to obtain the Crescent Falchion. The Crescent path scales with Magic instead of Dexterity, making it a better weapon for hybrid casters rather than pure fighters.


The Kilij is another great curved sword option. It has slightly more damage than the Falchion, and an altered attack animation with a bit more reach. Players will probably want to consider either Tearing, Mercury, or Sharp for it upgrade paths. The Kilij itself is found in area 4-1, in the area patrolled by the Vanguard. After defeating this boss, head to the slight right side of the arena will sit the weapon next to a well. Another option is to fight the Golden Skeleton enemy just outside the boss encounter, although it can be fairly strong and doesn’t always drop the Kilij when bested.

Dragon Bone Smasher

The Dragon Bone Smasher is one of the few hulking ultra-great swords. Because of its size, players will not be able to wield shields, catalysts, talismans, or off-hand weapons. But the sheer power should make up for the lack of defense or versatility. As a special weapon, it only as a straight base +5 upgrade path, though it also comes with some added fire resistance.

The Dragon Bone Smasher is found in 2-3 and only during Pure White Tendency. If this requirement is met, head straight forward from the start and spot a crystal lizard. From here, head left and the sword will just be a short way away. However, during any other level of Tendency (even White or Neutral White) the path will be blocked off.


The Estoc is an extremely powerful piercing thrusting weapon. It can do even more damage when used for backstabs or riposte counters, making it a great choice for players that prefer precision over brute damage. If going the critical route one should consider the Fatal upgrade path, while Sharp has better base damage and scaling.

To gain the actual weapon, players should head to area 3-1. Go down all the way to the first floor and look for a corpse holding Fluted Armor and a Kite Shield. From here, destroy the nearby coffins to find a secret pathway. This will lead to an area where the Estoc rests within a chest. Players can also farm the prisoner enemies in 3-1, but the drop rate isn’t a guarantee.

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Demon’s Souls is available now on PlayStation 5.

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