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Players are now able to get their hands on Nintendo’s Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and play as some of their favorite characters from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Each character in the game has access to different weapons and some even different move sets for the player to pick from that can more fit their combat styles. Others though, only have a couple of weapons that they bring to the table.

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This is the case with the character Impa in the game. Unlike characters like Link, Impa only has three weapons to choose from throughout the course of the game. The upside to this is that players don’t have to worry about picking from a wide array of different weapons, but it does mean that she doesn’t have as much versatility as some of the other characters. There is one weapon that stands out higher than the others for Impa. This guide shows players what Impa’s best weapon is.

Impa fits exclusively using daggers throughout the course of the game, which means that while her damage may not be particularly high she is incredibly fast. The first two weapons that she can acquire are the Kakariko Kodachi and the Faithful Kodachi, which are fine weapons but aren’t particularly strong. They can be obtained relatively early in the game though, so they will work fairly well for a while. The third weapon though is the one that players will want the most.

The best weapon that players can acquire as Impa is the Devoted Kodachi, which is much stronger than the other two weapons she has access to. This weapon is a random drop that can be be be found starting in the fifth chapter through the seventh chapter of the game. Its base attack will be at least 34 when players discover it, but it can actually be much higher than that. The trick to making this weapon as powerful as possible is to fuse other weapons into it to increase its level and therefore its overall level. Players will also want to add some high-quality seals to the Devoted Kodachi that increase its speed even higher, which is already Impa’s biggest strength. Those who use the Devoted Kodachi appropriately will be practically unstoppable.

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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity can be played on the Nintendo Switch.

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