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While The Amazing Race is a fun show, it’s no surprise that the show has become a bit stale after so many years on the air. It has become formulaic, nothing ever really changes. This can be a problem after so many seasons.

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While the show has tried to re-invent itself a few times over the years, it’s never been anything major. Viewership could see a big increase if the format of the show were to see some big changes – and while these aren’t reportedly on the cards, they could be some amazing twists to shake things up.

10 Families

The first twist on the list was actually tried once before on the show, and then was never recycled. Rather than following the two-person format that it has for so many seasons, why not switch things up and focus on groups, families? The families should all be adults in order to still allow for country-to-country traveling (kids halted that the first time that this was tried out), but having a larger dynamic than just two people could allow for different types of challenges and strategies.

9 Enemy Partners

What if, instead of two loved ones going on the show together, teams were made up of real-life enemies? Exes, former friends, any type of duo that wouldn’t necessarily be able to work well together. The teams would be forced to get past their issues with one another in order to claim the $1 million prize, and if they couldn’t get it together, they’d lose it. This could bring some drama into the Race, which is never a bad element in a reality show.

8 Unknown Partners

Enemies is a fun twist that could certainly mix things up, but what about forming duos out of people who have never met each other before? This was attempted once when The Amazing Race attempted to pair up duos based on what they would look for in a partner, but there are several ways that this same type of format could be used in order to form new teams. The possibility to match pairs up based on a variety of different factors and themes is plentiful.

7 Running Separate Legs

In The Amazing Race, the only thing that one can rely on is their partner, they’re with them through thick and thin… unless they weren’t? What if there were certain legs that players had to completely split up for? They’d be left to tackle challenges all on their own, and only hope that their partner was successful in finishing their side of the leg in good time. This would lead to plenty of angry duos for whoever lost the leg due to their partner.

6 New Challenges

Roadblocks and Detours are the only real type of challenges on The Amazing Race that the players face from leg to leg. Why not introduce some new challenges that step a bit outside of the box? There are plenty of different challenges that could be constructed for players to take on, including some that will be discussed later on in the list.

5 Returnees With New Players

Creatively forming the duos that take on The Amazing Race is where a lot of the format can be switched up. What if returning players were paired up with other, inexperienced people in their lives to guide them through their first time on the race?

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This could introduce some interesting synergy that would help some teams rise to the top, while sending others down the ranks. It would be interesting to see who would manage to make this type of pairing work in their favor.

4 Two Sets Of Racers Separately

A bit off the wall, but what if two groups of racers each started off doing completely separate legs for half of the show, and then they met in the middle to find out that there was an entirely new group of racers that they had to contend with? This would introduce some challenges for all of the racers, as they’d have no idea how strong duos from the other group are that they’d be racing against.

3 Opposing Teams Working Together

One easy new variation to introduce to the race would be forcing players from different groups to work together to complete certain challenges if they want to progress. This could introduce new rivalries, alliances, and dynamics that could really change the course of the raceMaking teams swap partners for certain challenges could really introduce a new element to the show that hasn’t been seen before.

2 Voting On Racers To Receive Advantages

Every once in a while, or once, each season, the players are all forced and come together and vote on one pair to receive something in the race. What the teams don’t know when they do this is that it might be an advantage… or a disadvantage. This would cause them to think twice about who they’re voting on to receive this special something, as it could come back to bite them if they aren’t very careful.

1 New Fast Forwards

The Fast Forward is a power in The Amazing Race that allows a team to skip most of the leg if they win it. In order to win the Fast Forward, they must complete an additional challenge. However, only the first to win the challenge gets the Fast Forward, and they’re not informed if the challenge has been completed by someone else yet. Why not introduce new Fast Forwards throughout the season, some of which have additional benefits or drawbacks to change things up?

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