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Supernatural concluded its 15-year journey that started with the Winchester brothers, where their brotherly love was the heart and soul of the show. Therefore, it only made sense for an emotional ending to their story arc once and for all. This conclusion was particularly the case for the older brother, Dean Winchester.

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In Supernatural’s series finale, Dean Winchester died on a hunting job, but his soul eventually ended in Heaven. Some fans were happy to see a proper conclusion for Dean Winchester’s story, while others argued that he deserved better. Though Dean’s ending was part of his destiny, the execution of his 15-year character development is not necessarily all fitting.

10 Fitting: Hunting Was Always His Life, So He Ended With It

Dean Winchester always knew that hunting was his lifestyle, so a sense of normalcy was not an option. Considering Dean’s cool reputation, he defeated several of the show’s primary antagonists, such as Azazel, Eve, and Dick Roman. Even compared to his brother, Dean has more strength and skills taking down monsters, angels, and demons.

Henceforth, Dean was destined to die on the job as a hunter. It was what he loved doing, so it would be poetic for him to die as a hunter. For Dean, it simply meant “Saving people. Hunting things. The family business.” Even Dean anticipated that he would die on the job one day and even accepted the potential circumstances for his death.

9 Not Fitting: Dean Was Ready To Retire

Despite his lifestyle as a hunter, the series finale implied that Dean was ready to have a normal life. He adopted a dog named Miracle, and he was applying for a job, just hours before he went on his final hunt.

However, Dean’s intentions of retirement were hinted at as early as season 13. In season 13, episode 23, “Let the Good Times Roll,” he shared his feelings to Sam about one day going to the beach with him and Castiel, having umbrella drinks, and even retiring from the job. Therefore, Dean hoped to live the remainder of his life in some normalcy and under his “free will.”

8 Fitting: Ended Up In Heaven

Most fans know that whenever a person dies, they either go to Heaven or Hell. Because Dean died several times in the show, it was only fitting that he not only died in the show’s finale but that he was rewarded for his job as a hunter by going to Heaven.

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Dean had his experiences of his soul going to either Heaven or Hell. In between seasons 3 and 4, Dean’s soul was in Hell because he gave up his soul to save Sam. Though Dean managed to get out of Hell (thanks to Castiel), it appears that whenever the day for Dean’s permanent death, his soul may end up in Heaven as the case in season 5’s “Dark Side of the Moon.” Thankfully, his soul now rests in Heaven, which means he can live peacefully and happily.

7 Not Fitting: No Real Closure With Castiel

Since season 4, Dean became closely tied to Castiel, developing a special relationship between the characters. Furthermore, Castiel has a stronger connection with Dean than with Sam. Because of this, several fans speculated that they have something more than just a friendship, creating a fandom for Destiel.

It was not until season 15, episode 18, “Despair,” that Castiel confessed his love for Dean, making Destiel canon. However, Dean did not respond to his love as Castiel was sucked in by the Empty. Even the days after Castiel’s sacrifice, Dean was not as remorseful or heartbroken about his absence. Unfortunately, Castiel never reappeared in the show’s final two episodes, leaving no real closure to their story arc.

6 Fitting: His Last Moments Were With Sammy

Since the show’s premiere, Dean was always dependent on his little brother Sammy. Dean never got to have a real childhood, but he spent his life being a mother, father, brother, and closest friend to Sammy. Dean was willing to sacrifice his life if it meant protecting Sammy, which he had done several times in the show.

Therefore, it was both emotional and fitting that Dean’s last moments were with his little brother with whom he shared all his memories and adventures. At least Dean did not die alone and was able to die, knowing that he fulfilled his part in protecting Sammy for all his life.

5 Not Fitting: He Always Wanted A Family

Even though Dean grew up and lived his whole life as a hunter, Dean hinted at his desire to have a family. In season 2, episode 20, “What Is And What Should Never Be,” Dean was controlled by a djinn that put him under a dream-state. In his dream, he revealed his deepest desires to have a normal life with a girlfriend.

Even in later seasons that focused on Dean’s childhood, Dean shared that he always wanted an apple pie life as early as the age of sixteen. He just never got around to it because he wanted to make sure that his brother was never alone. Also, Dean was good around kids throughout the show, making people only guess how he would have been as a father.

4 Fitting: He Already Tried The Apple Pie Life

Given his desire to have a family, Dean gave an apple pie lifestyle a try when he moved in with Lisa and Ben Braeden. For the most part, Dean seemed happy in his ordinary life where he acted as a father figure to Ben and even had a real job. However, without his brother, Dean also looked lost in the normal world, making him reevaluate his life choices.

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Unfortunately, even leaving a hunter’s life was temporary as Lisa and Ben’s lives were in danger. When it came to the last straw, Dean had no choice but to leave his normal life behind for their sake. At this point, Dean knew that he had no chance of having a life outside of hunting.

3 Not Fitting: He Had More Dramatic Deaths

Most people know that Dean is one of the most badass characters in the show. He is more tough and merciless compared to his brother, rarely showing any fear of the unexpected and dangers that come at them. It would only make sense that Dean dies with guns blazing in the most dramatic yet heroic way possible.

Despite having died countless times in the show, it was ultimately a piece of metal in a barn that finally took out Dean Winchester, making his death appear underwhelming. Even though he was on the job, he was not exactly killed by a monster, which causes several fans to be outraged with the anti-climatic death for Dean.

2 Fitting: He Is At Peace With Sammy

Dean could not live a life without his brother, or he would live his life with regret for not doing the one thing he promised to do – protecting his baby brother. Because time was different in Heaven, it did not take long for Dean to reunite with Sammy in Heaven.

He waited for his arrival in Heaven, realizing that his soul can now peacefully live with his brother alongside him. That could not be a more fitting ending where the show closes with the brothers together and living with each other for eternity. Even the final scene paid homage to the show’s first episode when the brothers went on their haunt at a bridge.

1 Not Fitting: No Final Reunion With John And Mary

Sam and Dean lived a rough hunter’s life, where they never experienced having a family. During the early seasons, their mother was dead while John was rarely in their lives as a father. Yet, some of the most personal and emotional moments in the series occurred when Sam and Dean encountered their parents.

The happiest and closest moment to having a real family was in season 14, episode 13, “Lebanon.” While the family reunion was short-lived, it only made sense for the show to end with the Winchesters family altogether, and that too for a long time in Heaven. Unfortunately, this final scene did not happen in the series finale, but the reasons could be due to the restrictions from COVID-19 during filming.

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