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CW’s cult fantasy drama Supernatural finally bowed out in November with its final episode after 15 long years. The series had revolved around the brothers Winchester and their fight to save the world against all manner of supernatural creatures and even Lucifer and God himself.

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The final season took the fans down memory lane in more ways than one. From old friends and enemies of the brothers to little things in the show’s history that were recreated, there were several throwbacks that were designed to pay a fond tribute to the show’s record run and to give the fans a peek into their favorite moments over the years.

10 Monster Town

Season 15 began with the brothers confronted by the ghosts of their past, quite literally, as God snapped his fingers and set free from Hell every spirit, evil and otherwise, that Dean and Sam had encountered over the years.

The brothers, as well as the audience, got yet another peek at the Woman in White, Bloody Mary, and even the creepy clown from the earlier seasons, when the show had still been about two hunter brothers fighting the supernatural, and not engaged in battles with angels, demons and God himself.

9 “We Got Work To Do”

Remember the final moments of the pilot episode 15 years ago, when Sam decided to hit the road with Dean  shutting the boot of the Imapala with the words, “We got work to do”. That was the moment that would decide his fate for the next 15 years.

The first episode of the 15th season jogged the fans’ memories just a little, indicating once and for all that this was to be the beginning of the end. The brothers once again headed off in their Impala to fight another day, and this time it was Sam who closed the boot informing Dean that they had work to do. The sharp-eyed would even have noticed the scene from the pilot being played immediately afterwards for less than a jiffy, a subtle but sure throwback to the show’s glorious beginnings.

8 Agents Hamill & Ford

Another blast from the past came when the show resurrected two of the aliases used by the brothers in season 1, Agents Hamill and Ford, a reference to the Star Wars actors Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford.

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Episode 5 of season 15 once again saw the brothers go undercover as US Wildlife Service officers just like they did in season 1, using the same fake identity cards they did years ago, where each of them looks half their current age. The writers took the opportunity to get a few laughs, implying that Dean looked nothing like his pouty younger self and Sam did, although really it was quite the opposite.

7 A Visit From Old Foes

The final season not only resurrected old IDs but also old foes, who had at some point of time or another also been unwilling Winchester allies.

Actress Rachel Miner made a come back as the Empty, while even Genevieve Padalecki threw in a brief appearance as Ruby, the demon Sam had been romantically involved with, who later betrayed him by unleashing Lucifer upon the earth. The white-eyed demon Lilith appeared too and lo, and behold, even Lucifer popped back in to say hi in the penultimate episode causing the fans to go into a tizzy.

6 …And Friends

If old foes were back, then so were old friends and allies. Some of the beloved guest characters who had been an integral part of the Winchesters’ lives and thus of the show, over the years, were back too.

From foes-turned-allies Rowena, and Arthur Ketch, to Jody Mills, a sort of mother figure to the boys, the adorably goofy Garth, and Donna Hanscom, a lot of old faces showed up throughout the series. Some of the best characters who returned one last time were young Kevin Tran, Eileen Leahy who developed a romantic entanglement with Sam in the final season, Charlie Bradbury of the Apocalypse World, a beloved fan-favorite whose feisty counterpart had died in this world in season 10, and of course, Bobby Singer. But more on him later.

5 The Print On Dean’s Arm

Castiel, the angel who had become humanized through his association with Sam and Dean, and was more a brother than a friend to them by the end, died in the episode, “Despair”, right before the brothers had their final confrontation with God.

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For those who noticed, Dean had a bloody handprint on his arm after Cas was gone where the latter had held him. This was meant to be reminiscent of Cas’s prints on Dean’s arm all those years ago when he had pulled the older Winchester from perdition. Cas, who had saved Dean’s life before the first time they met, now called it quits trying to save him, yet again. Not only did their relationship come full circle, but this was also Supernatural’s way to pay tribute to one of the most important relationships on the show, that of Cas and Dean.

4 “Love Me Some Pie”

Dean Winchester loved pie, like really, really loved it, almost as much as he loved women at one time before he went all dark and serious. These little things were what built his character as the adorable older brother to Sam, the one who could be fun and tough at the same time.

The final episode revived Dean’s love for pie; the brothers, now free to do as they pleased after God had been rendered powerless, visited a pie festival and Dean got himself and Sam literally huge pieces before the two headed off to another hunt, which was to be Dean’s last.

3 The Impala

The Impala had been Dean’s ‘baby’ from the pilot itself, it was almost a character in itself as the brothers crisscrossed across the length and breadth of the country. The originally planned series finale, “Swan Song”, was even shot from the Impala’s perspective as Chuck, then apparently still a prophet, narrated the brothers’ story.

It was a really nice touch to keep the Impala along until the very last moment. Dean drove it through the byways of Heaven as Sam grew older and died, only to join him and the car, and finally, find peace. The car had stayed with them through thick and thin and continued to do that even in the afterlife.

2 Bobby At The Harvelles’

Bobby Singer came back in the final episode, not the Bobby from the Apocalypse World, but the one from this one, who had been like a surrogate dad to the boys and died tragically in season 7.

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Bobby had been an instant fan favorite when he had been around and his death was something the brothers or the fans never completely got over. To have him back in the finale, even if just for a moment, paid tribute to his character’s legacy on the show. Moreover, Bobby hung out with Dean in front of the Harvelles’ roadhouse in Heaven, which was a throwback to Ellen and Jo Harvelle, two other Winchester allies from the olden days.

1 Saving People, Hunting Things

The brothers had devoted their lives to saving people, hunting things. In fact, that was the only life they had ever really known, the only one they were comfortable in.

Even though Dean had a rather unceremonious death, the way he died offered poetic justice to his character, to the Winchesters, and to the show as a whole. All he ever wanted to do was to continue with the family business. And he finally went out doing just that, on a regular hunt, with his brother by his side, in a tribute to everything Supernatural had ever been about.

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