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Warning! Spoilers to Action Comics #1027 by Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita, Jr, in stores now!

Ever since her introduction in Action Comics #1006, the mysterious Marisol Leone has been a villainous enigma that has perplexed Metropolis and its guardian Superman. The wealthy businesswoman not only bought the Daily Planet but also managed the Invisible Mafia whose methods and control of the city earned the attention of individuals like Leviathan and Lex Luthor but also the attention of Superman and his allies. When everything falls apart, Leone escapes prosecution and responsibility by taking a page out of Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty‘s book by escaping to start fresh in a new dimension in DC’s Multiverse.

In Action Comics #1025, it’s revealed Leone’s mystery stems from the fact that she isn’t even from that dimension, possibly hailing from Earth-3. Contacting the former head of S.T.A.R labs Dr. Glory for a change in scenery, she left behind the destructive battles of the Crime Syndicate for Earth-0 where she set up shop in Metropolis. She established a convenient backstory and considerable wealth, enough to purchase the struggling Daily Planet and also create the metahuman crime mob, the Invisible Mafia, which gained her attention from other powerful individuals in the criminal underworld. Although her genius-level intellect and tactical analysis kept Superman and other heroes out of her business, her enforcer Red Cloud’s interaction with other villains and battles with Superman eventually proved to be her downfall. After an exposé by Lois Lane attempted to out the truth, Marisol took drastic actions to re-establish control of her already crumbling empire.

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While Superman and his Super-Family battled an extradimensional Parasite and an ambitious Red Cloud, Leone attempted to misdirect the authorities by framing Lois Lane, stating her article was full of false accusations and that Lois was actually an imposter from another dimension. After triggering a confrontation that caused Lois to be arrested and detained, the battle between the Super Family and Red Cloud distracted everyone in the Daily Planet long enough for Leone to make a quiet exit. By the time the authorities had realized the truth, Marisol was long gone, escaping justice in another unknown dimension within the  DC Comics multiverse.

In the Rick & Morty show, the unstable genius Rick and his grandson Morty followed similar behavior when a foolish experiment ended up mutating and dooming their entire world. Instead of facing responsibility for their actions, the unorthodox adventurers traveled to another dimension and replaced their doppelgangers who had died tragically in an accident. The show has frequently toyed with the idea of the multiverse where other versions of Rick (and Morty) have traveled, battled, killed, and even destroyed other versions of themselves and their worlds. In a letter to Robinson Goode in prison, Leone condemns the imprisoned Red Cloud for ruining a good thing by letting outside forces corrupt her focus and not following her orders to avoid Superman.

In the end, Leone admits in her letter that the moment Red Cloud began her focus on Superman, she began to plan her exit from this world as a last resort, something she had to use when everything had fallen apart. Blaming the failure completely on Robinson Goode, she goes far enough to say that she’d kill that world’s version of her just out of spite. Although Leone has escaped for now, Rick & Morty both saw consequences of their reality-hopping in later seasons and one can only wonder what Marisol Leone may deal with in this new world. Whether she ends up fighting or may be working with that version of Superman, the multiverse is a big place and we can’t say for certain we’ve seen the last of her.

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