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In the last few years, there have been many new additions to Disney’s theme parks to engross fans in the fantasies of their favorite Disney films. With Guardians of The Galaxy and Avatar both making appearances in Disney World, and the latest trilogy in the Star Wars franchise, it was only a matter of time before a fully immersive Star Wars land appeared, and now it has. Initially, there were going to be two different versions of the park on each US coast before the idea was scrapped and the Imagineers settled on one, introducing…Galaxy’s Edge, which was originally set on Tatooine, but ended being set on Batuu.

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Before movies hit the screens, fans are blessed with wonderful concept art of their favorite characters and locations and theme parks are no different. Multiple concept art images of Galaxy’s Edge have hit the web and they have the ability to tide fans over until they get to experience the real thing.

10 The Market

One of the pieces of concept art that ended up being almost identical to the finished product was the Market street. Okay, there may not be fruit lying in the middle of the street but the shadowed roof and themed stores are definitely similar to the finished street.

No doubt there will be Pawn Shops, Galaxy themed cafes, and restaurants on offer as you walk through the commercial center of Galaxy’s Edge.

9 Kat Saka’s Kettle

Disney wants the experience to be as immersive as possible and that is best achieved by having every detail, down to the food and drinks on offer, be Star Wars themed. Kat Saka’s Kettle is a food and beverage stop when fans need a refreshment after saving the Galaxy or running from the Empire.

Kat Saka’s Kettle will offer some salty popcorn and drinks but it won’t be Salted Popcorn on the menu, it will be “Outpost Mix” and is a combination of sweet and savory flavors.

8 First Order Cargo

Visitors to the park may enter on the side of the Resistance but once they get to the First Order Cargo store, their allegiance might realign when they see what the store has to offer. According to the concept art, along with some speculation, it seems as though toy imperial rifles, helmets, action figures, and most likely some stormtrooper apparel will be on hand.

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It’s safe to assume that the life-sized droids in the art above will not be for sale but Disney will no doubt have loads of attractive Empire memorabilia on offer.

7 Ronto Roasters

One of the other food stops available is Ronto Roasters. Yes, it’s again another wonderful Star War’s themed food establishment within the park, but the best part about Ronto Roasters is the imagination of whoever designed the room, which is demonstrated by the old pod-racer spacecraft engine roasting the food.

The real-life fast food joint will most likely use a normal oven but the idea is certainly there! Looking for a quick stop-off after fending off the resistance or smuggling goods into the Outpost? Look no further.

6 Galaxy’s Edge

The above photo gives fans an idea of the whole world in one photo. Galaxy’s Edge was never going to be one or two buildings and a couple of rides. All of Disney’s latest worlds are carefully designed to be fully immersive. Fans will walk around the Outpost and truly believe they have gone to a galaxy far, far away.

The Millennium Falcon and a couple of other ships will be on top of buildings, which are themed in themselves. From the concept art above, it looks like a small town in the middle of nowhere.

5 Savi’s Lightsaber Workshop

No this isn’t a still from an upcoming Star Wars movie. It’s Savi’s lightsaber workshop located in Galaxy’s Edge where a group called The Gatherers takes you to their workshop full of treasures from far reaches of the Galaxy. Hayden Christiensen, Anakin Skywalker himself, has even visited it to build his own lightsaber.

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Visitors to the workshop can construct their own lightsaber with the help of the Gatherer’s instructions. These lightsabers are, to no one’s surprise, not free and fans can purchase them if they wish for $200! Even for Disney, that’s expensive, and that’s not the only thing visitors will find expensive!

4 Millennium Falcon

Sometimes what’s on the concept art doesn’t always make it to the final product, but not this time. Visitors to Disney World will be blessed with a full-scale Millennium Falcon which houses one of the park’s attractions.

Smuggler’s Run is an immersive storytelling experience where riders are assigned one of three roles: Pilot, Gunner, or Flight Engineer. They must smuggle goods while trying to avoid some unwanted attention from other interested parties.

3 Smuggler’s Run Cockpit

As previously mentioned, Smuggler’s Run, the ride located in the Millennium Falcon, will give visitors the option of three roles: Pilot, Gunner, or Engineer. The above concept art seems to be showing visitors in the cockpit of the Falcon in the pilot’s role.

The concept art certainly sets the bar high in terms of the level of detail in the cockpit. The Mission Space ride in Disney is similar with many switches but only a few of which work. Smuggler’s Run could be the same but hopefully, it will be as detailed as the art suggests. There’s even a secret Chewbacca Mode that pilots can unlock!

2 Rise of The Resistance

Even though it had a shaky start, one of the main attractions at Galaxy’s Edge is ‘Rise of The Resistance,’ where guests travel through a Star Destroyer occupied by the Empire. If the idea of appearances by Rey and being inside a star destroyer doesn’t get fans excited, this concept art certainly will.

The level of detail in these concept arts is incredible with the line-up of Stormtroopers (which are seemingly statues or some form of robotics) and the Tie-fighter at the side, this attraction is one for the bucket list.

1 Galaxy’s Edge Part 2

Another part of the Rise of The Resistance ride is coming face to face with two At-Ats! These are most likely not life-sized…but at this point, Disney could pull off anything they wanted. These At-Ats are slightly smaller than a 1:1 scale but they will still be equally as intimidating when visitors see them up close.

The car, as seen in the photo, takes riders through the ship where they encounter At-Ats, Stormtroopers, and Tie Fighters, a truly immersive and thrilling experience. Take a look inside!

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