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There have been a lot of opportunities in television history for sitcoms to cross over. Many even exist in the same TV universe. Canadian comedy Schitt’s Creek and Los Angeles-set New Girl, however, never had a chance to meet up in the same fictional world.

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If the two series did have a chance to cross over, their characters could find themselves in some outlandish situations. Some of the characters might even find new relationships. Of course, not all romances would be endgame. In fact, some of the characters likely wouldn’t get along at all — but imagine the hilarious situations that could transpire…

10 Would: Alexis And Schmidt

Alexis and Schmidt are both people who have had a variety of relationships in their past. But on Schitt’s Creek, Alexis proved that she was done with shallow guys and wanted someone with a good heart. For Schmidt, he always dates women who are strong-willed.

These two might not always agree on the best sushi restaurant, and they might not want to be friends with the same celebrities, but they would both certainly understand what it means to grow up and take on responsibility. They’d share their burdens and get along really well.

9 Would Not: David And Jess

David is attracted to a lot of different people, but with his big personality, he and Jess would likely clash. He might even think Jess is just a bit too much like a Disney princess for him.

Jess, for her part, would probably be interested in hanging out with David and trying to understand his fashion choices. She might even want to buy him a drink and pick his creative brain for project ideas for her students, but dating him likely wouldn’t cross her mind. Jess tends to be interested in two types of guys: teachers and those who really challenge her.

8 Would: Twyla And Winston

These two might seem like the unlikeliest of couples, but they would actually work really well together. Twyla’s led a pretty rough life, but she always seems to have an optimistic outlook. Winston is a bit more of a realist, but he’d certainly appreciate Twyla’s tendency to see the glass half full.

They also are surprisingly adept at understanding — and even manipulating — their friends. Despite their different backgrounds, both Twyla and Winston take the way their friends (Alexis and Schmidt) view them and spin it to their advantage, only becoming closer in the process. Twyla would likely enjoy Winston’s pranks, and Winston would enjoy Twyla’s stories about growing up in Schitt’s Creek.

7 Would Not: Mutt And Cece

Mutt draws the attention of many ladies in Schitt’s Creek, including Alexis, who is probably the character most similar to Cece. Cece, however, wouldn’t have the patience for Mutt.

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Mutt is incredibly laid back, living in the middle of nowhere, and some might even consider him a bit rugged. Cece might be able to handle a fling with him if they crossed paths, but she’d never be able to settle down with him. She’s a woman who loves the big city and the challenge of a high-powered job. Mutt would drive her crazy.

6 Would: Emir And Reagan

Emir isn’t looking for a serious relationship. He wants someone he can have fun with while he travels from city to city reviewing lodgings. Reagan is in a similar situation in that she doesn’t want to have to spend time dissecting every emotion when her job takes her away from her partner for months at a time. It’s why both of their relationships in their respective shows end the way they do.

If Emir and Reagan meet on their travels, they would be the perfect pair to maintain a casual relationship, slowly getting to know one another over an extended period of time. They’d likely be able to make things work with their similar mindsets and work schedules.

5 Would Not: Alexis And Coach

Alexis and Coach could certainly have fun together when it comes to house parties or society galas. The trouble would be the quiet moments that didn’t involve popping champagne or playing a drinking game.

They have no common interests or goals. Coach would certainly be attracted to Alexis, and he’d be fascinated by her jet-setting lifestyle as a teen since he grew up in a military family. With Alexis having no interest in sports, and Coach not understanding Alexis’ interest in marketing, the two would fizzle.

4 Would: Ted And Jess

Ted appreciates the kind of interests that the small town of Schitt’s Creek might not understand. Jess making up her own theme song and being willing to glitter everything in sight wouldn’t scare him off. Likewise, Jess would find his commitment to saving animals heartening and wouldn’t be discouraged when he gained a fellowship far from home.

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In fact, Jess would likely be excited to travel with him, using the experience as a teaching tool for her classes when she was able to return home. Ted might not be quite as challenging of a person that Jess is usually attracted to, but they would definitely appreciate one another.

3 Would Not: Patrick And Cece

Patrick and Cece would likely get along pretty well with their penchant for sarcasm and being surrounded by larger-than-life friends. Romance, however, is another matter entirely.

Patrick loves living in Schitt’s Creek. He’s made a home for himself in the small town, but Cece is not a small-town woman. She loves Los Angeles. As a model, it gives her connections for jobs, and she’s got plenty of history there when she decides to manage models herself. Patrick and Cece would never be able to agree on where to live.

2 Would: David And Schmidt

Though David explains to Stevie early in Schitt’s Creek that he’s pansexual with an analogy concerning types of wine, Schmidt never has an overt reveal about his sexuality in New Girl. Some fans theorize that he may have always had feelings for Nick based on how he talks about his best friend, but that is never confirmed in the show. If it was, David would actually be a really interesting match for Schmidt.

Like Patrick, Schmidt is very committed to his work, but he also has a lot of heart and is incredibly sentimental — all traits David admires in a partner. While Schmidt can be obnoxious, he grows so much over the course of the show that he and David would find a lot of common ground and would be able to make a relationship work.

1 Would Not: Stevie And Nick

Two slackers with a love for flannel and a slow climb to becoming accomplished small business owners should hit it off. Stevie and Nick would likely have plenty of fun meeting up for drinks and commiserating about their truly bad luck.

A relationship, however, would be out of the question. Nick would never understand just what makes Stevie tick and Stevie probably wouldn’t make it long in Nick’s growing up period — which lasted several years in New Girl. They could be great friends and enjoy a game of True American, but they’re actually too alike to make a relationship work.

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