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Fans of The Real Housewives of Dallas enjoyed reminiscing with Cary Duber as she opened up about no longer being a full-time housewife. Fans enjoyed watching the Yogi as she journeyed through marriage and motherhood.

Bravo fans will recall that Cary Duber was best known on the show for how she fell in love with her husband Mark Duber. The housewife opened up to her costars about how their romance started in the workplace while he was married to another woman. Mark was a plastic surgeon with Cary acting as his nurse. Fans will recall that she was his operating assistant and a registered nurse. The couple wed not long after his divorce was finalized. The couple has always maintained that they did not cheat.

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The women of the Dallas social scene are due back in January and Cary stopped by to speak with Bravo Confessionals about her time as a housewife and now being demoted to a friend of the housewife. Not only is Cary being the best mom she can to Zurry during the pandemic, she is also gearing up for some scene-stealing moments. Check out the video below:

Cary opened up about knowing Kameron Westcott for ages, but knowing Kary Brittingham for even longer. The mother of one opened up about bringing Kary to WWHL after season one to try and get her on the show saying she “begged” for her to do housewives with her. The nurse said that her friend was in New York City at the same time and brought her backstage to “meet Andy and hang out.” Apparently, Andy was very interested in Kary but she was just not interested at the time. Fans now know she joined and had her major falling out with LeeAnne Locken who used racial slurs against her. Cary was happy for her close friend saying, “four years later she finally did it.” Fans and the housewives were bummed out that the two never really crossed paths on the show since Cary was only a friend the year the new housewife started as most agree they would have made for good TV. While Cary reminisced about her time on the show, she revealed that she was happy to have been the woman to help Kameron and Kary onto their journey saying, “I passed the torch.”

Cary also made a poignant statement in comparing how she brought women onto the show while Ramona Singer who did the exact same thing for RHONY with Elyse Slaine but fouled it up by pretending not to know her at the end of the season. Even though Cary has moved on she will always be fondly remembered by Bravo fans since she was one of the OG’s.

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Source: Bravo Confessionals

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