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The Resident Evil film franchise is one of the great guilty pleasures of “so bad it’s good” cinema. The storyline is largely incoherent and nonsensical, but the action sequences and horror themes remain entertaining to this day.

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As hilariously over-the-top as it is frightening, the series capitalized fully on the video game franchise of the same name with a mixture of survival horror, sci-fi, and one badass protagonist, Alice. The character went through the wringer over the years, but she always came back fighting. Here are ten of her best quotes from the original Resident Evil, right up to The Final Chapter. 

10 “I’m Missing You Already.” (Resident Evil / 2002)

Umbrella operatives Spence and Alice both lost their memories when the Hive’s defenses kicked in and struck them with nerve gas, which rendered them temporarily amnesiac. As Alice’s mind began reconstructing events little by the little, she saw flashbacks of her romantic relationship with Spence that went far beyond their cover job.

Trouble is, Spence’s mind began reconstructing his own memories at the same time. The audience received one kicker of a twist when it was revealed that he betrayed Umbrella and unleashed the T-Virus on the Hive staff. He nearly got away before being attacked by a Licker and zombified. Alice came upon his undead corpse in the final act and uttered this quote, which was a play on Spence’s own words from earlier in the film.

9 “I Could Kiss You, You Bitch!” (Resident Evil / 2002)

Alice watched as most of the Umbrella team was slaughtered by the T-Virus creatures roaming the Hive, and it was all becoming too much. The final act saw only herself and several others still alive and ready to make a run for the surface world. Rain Ocampo had been bitten several times by zombies during the course of the film and was beginning to succumb to her infection.

When Alice led the team to the train leading out of the Hive, she quickly grabbed the T-Virus cure and injected Rain in the hopes that it would save her in time. However, when Rain passed out, Alice believed she’d slipped into death. She was ready to put a bullet in her head to prevent reanimation, but Rain surprised her by grabbing the gun while saying “I’m not dead yet.” Alice was overjoyed and replied with this funny quote.

8 “You’ll Endanger Your Friends, Try To Kill Them… Probably Succeed. I’m Sorry. That’s Just The Way It Is.” (Resident Evil: Apocalypse /2004)

After watching the horrific effects of the T-Virus in the bowels of the Hive, Alice came to understand its implications as it pertained to the real world. Once it escaped into Raccoon City, things got exponentially worse.

Alice was coldly pragmatic about the nature of the T-Virus infection and was quick to point out how it was best to kill the infected immediately. Prolonging the inevitable would simply make things more difficult and put loved ones in danger. Technically, she was right, even if it was a cold thing to say.

7 “My Name… Is Alice, And I Remember Everything.” (Resident Evil: Apocalypse / 2004)

Alice had been hardened by the events of the first Resident Evil film, and T-Virus experimentation performed by Umbrella had amplified her physical and cognitive abilities to new heights. This cocktail would change her character permanently across the Resident Evil sequels that followed.

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She spoke this quote during the very final scene when she wakes up in an Umbrella lab run by Dr. Alexander Isaacs, a villain who would pop up several more times in the franchise. After beating her captors to a pulp and nearly impaling a pen through Isaacs’ eye, she escaped into the world as part of an Umbrella plan to test her abilities.

6 “People Have A Habit Of Dying Around Me.” (Resident Evil: Extinction / 2007)

The third Resident Evil came out in 2007, and it was a far bleaker picture than the ones that preceded it. The T-Virus infection had spread across the world, ravaging the population and turning vast swathes of the planet into desolate wastelands.

Alice purposely stayed away from past friends and comrades under the fear that her presence would end up getting them killed. After all, she’d watched plenty of loved ones taken by Umbrella’s evil ambitions and deadly bio-weapons. Future films would prove this quote to be quite true.

5 “You Won’t Have To Wait That Long, Boys, Because I’m Coming For You. And I’m Gonna’ Be Bringing A Few Of My Friends.” (Resident Evil: Extinction / 2007)

Alice discovered just how low Umbrella was willing to go when it came to filling out its plans, and that included, among other things, making clones of her that could act as a super soldier army. She was just the field test unit used to gather enough data to decide whether the project was viable.

After defeating Isaacs, she turned the tables on the rest of Umbrella by tapping into their virtual meeting. Albert Wesker looked on in surprise as Alice uttered this quote. The film ended with her ready to awaken her own clones to infiltrate Umbrella and tear it apart from the inside out.

4 “We Struggle, We Fight, We Watch Our Friends Die. Survival Is A Bitch.” (Resident Evil: Afterlife / 2010)

Afterlife took place long after the release of the T-Virus and the subsequent devastation that followed. The planet was left a smoldering wreck, with small pockets of humanity struggling to survive against the horrors that outnumbered them one hundred thousand to one.

Alice had become weary of battle by that point, even though she kept soldiering on in her quest to take down Umbrella. She uttered this quote which summed up what it was like to survive in a world that was a mere flicker of its former self.

3 “Concentrate. It’s Just Like A Camera. Point And Shoot.” (Resident Evil: Retribution / 2012)

Alice bumped into Rain Ocampo, a familiar face in this semi-final installment of the franchise. This Rain was a clone of the original Umbrella strike team member from the first film, and she wasn’t exactly a spitting image of her predecessor.

This clone was a middle-class suburbanite who was terrified of guns, a fact made abundantly clear when Alice tried to arm her. Realizing Rain’s fear of guns, Alice boiled them down to their bare essentials by using a camera analogy. Not exactly the safest or most responsible form of gun training, but time was of the essence.

2 “Sometimes I Feel Like This Has Been My Whole Life. Running. Killing.” (Resident Evil: The Final Chapter / 2016)

Alice had been through a living Hell since the day she entered the Hive, and the events that followed sent her down a path of bleakness, destruction, and constant loss. The Final Chapter saw her ready to put an end to the corporation that started it all while uncovering uncomfortable bits about her past at the same time.

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She was about ready to call it quits, as evidenced by this quote that summed up her life to that point. It would have been difficult for anyone in her position to remember anything that came before the T-Virus outbreak.

1 “The Antivirus Is Airborne, Spread By The Winds. It Could Take Years For It To Reach Every Corner Of The Earth. Until Then, My Work Is Not Done.” (Resident Evil: The Final Chapter / 2016)

Alice came full circle by the end of The Final Chapter, having successfully defeated Dr. Isaac’s plan to wipe out the Earth’s inhabitants and pave the way for the elite to inherit it. She also came to terms with the fact that she was a clone who had been manipulated by Umbrella to help achieve their own ends.

Emerging victorious, Alice smashed the T-Virus cure and allowed it to migrate into the air, where it started killing off the infected. Realizing that it would take years to fully work its way throughout the planet, she sped off into the sunset to destroy the bio-horrors still haunting the ravaged wastelands. It put an end to a horror movie franchise that stands up there with the greats.

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