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The race is on for Sony fans as they wait to have a chance to purchase a PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, the new console has been difficult for gamers to get ahold of, with limited stock, high demand, and most stores only allowing purchases online. These online waiting queues have had another unfortunate side-effect those wanting a PS5 should be aware of. Scalpers have saturated the online ordering systems and are mass purchasing consoles to sell at a heavily inflated price on secondary seller sites. It is important that those waiting to get a console don’t fall into the trap of purchasing a PS5 from an illegitimate seller for an unfair price.

It is tempting for many fans to give in and purchase a PS5 from a secondary seller instead of waiting for primary retailers to restock, but by doing so, buyers are encouraging scalpers to continue to raid the online market, preventing sales to genuine buyers. Instead of paying the $399.99 – $499.99 USD for a new console through a legitimate seller, gamers could end up paying three times the normal asking price just to avoid the lines. By doing this, scalpers will continue to swamp the restocks, taking advantage of the shortage of consoles for personal gain. While the PS5 restocks have have been difficult to navigate, buying a PS5 for an inflated price is not a good solution.

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Waiting to purchase a PS5 console from a known retailer instead of from a scalper is important for discouraging illegitimate sellers hoping to make a profit off the console shortages. While it might be frustrating waiting for Black Friday PS5 restocks, purchasing consoles from a reputable store not only prevents gamers from paying an over-inflated price, but also makes sure profit for the new system is staying with Sony and not in the pocket of a scammer. Purchasing from a scalper at thousands of dollars not only impacts the buyer, but allows scalpers to make an undeserved profit by ripping off gamers desperate for the console. As long as there is a market of buyers willing to pay the steep prices, gamers will continue to see scalpers amassing consoles as they restock online.

A nice thing about waiting for restocks of PS5s at popular retail stores, is that those who are still looking to get a console may see some issues with the PS5 patched or repaired when they are able to purchase their console. There is also no guarantee that buying from a scalper will result in a working device or a console that hasn’t been damaged. By purchasing third party, it is much harder to know if the PS5 being bought is in retailer condition, and could potentially lead to a multi-thousand dollar mistake if the device comes damaged in the mail, with little way of returning it or getting money back. Buying from a major retailer allows players to return defective devices.

While waiting can be frustrating for many gamers who have tried to snag a PS5 console during the release and subsequent restocks, purchasing a console through a scalper to jump the lines not only fuels the problem of online scammers, but could put a buyer at risk of damaged products. Knowing the risks of buying a PlayStation 5 from a third party source will help protect Sony fans spending three times what the console is worth while allowing scammers to make a profit on those desperate for a system. With holiday restocks just around the corner, players are much better off waiting for their local GameStop or Walmart to fill the shelves than browsing eBay for a device. With luck the restock wait will be over soon, and gamers will be able to get their new console without a scalper pocketing their cash.

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