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Nick Miller is best described as a man-child when New Girl begins. He’s disorganized with seemingly no life plan, but he’s also the best friend anyone could ever have. Nick might seem a little lost, but he finds himself as his story continues.

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Thanks to Nick’s antics, and his relationship with titular New Girl Jess, he’s a fan favorite amongst the cast of characters. As much as fans love him, there’s always more to know about him. There are plenty of details hidden in the series about him, as well as snippets revealed in interviews, that fans might not know.

10 When Is His Birthday?

Nick is one of the few characters who doesn’t celebrate a birthday in the show. Cece, Jess, Winston, and Schmidt all get birthday parties of sorts, but Nick never does. That doesn’t mean fans can’t figure out his birthday.

When a prank pulled by Winston is revealed, Nick’s police record is shown on a computer screen, listing his birthday as September 29, 1981. For those who love their astrology, that would make Nick an attention-loving Leo, not the sensitive Cancer so many zodiac fans peg him as.

9 How Many Siblings Does He Have?

Nick’s family life gets touched on a handful of times in the series, but most of the attention is paid to his relationship with his father. When his father dies, Nick returns home for the funeral where the audience is introduced to his younger brother Jamie. That’s not his only sibling.

Prior to the episode, Nick also talks about his older brother. Recently divorced, his older brother has a 12-year-old son early in the series, but neither character is ever named. Nick has at least two brothers, but with how many people show up for his father’s funeral, it’s entirely possible there are more.

8 Can Nick Legally Practice Law?

Nick mentions several times that he dropped out of law school in the show. With only three semesters to go, he decided he didn’t want to be a lawyer anymore; he didn’t like the person he was becoming. Nick decided to become a bartender instead.

What fans might miss in the show, however, as it’s not mentioned nearly as often as him dropping out, is that he did pass the bar exam. In order to practice law, an aspiring lawyer has to pass the bar in whichever state they plan to work. Nick passed the bar in California, which is why he’s able to represent Schmidt when his roommate is sued. So him representing Schmidt is perfectly legal.

7 Why Did Caroline Break Up With Nick In The Series Pitch?

Nick and Caroline have what is perhaps the most toxic relationship of New Girl. He goes back to her repeatedly despite terming her emotionally and physically abusive at one point. She also leads him on despite having a boyfriend. When the series begins, however, They’ve been broken up for six months – and it’s Caroline who dumps Nick.

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The original pitch for the series didn’t have Caroline not realizing that Nick actually cared about her, but leaving him for another man. In fact, the pitch put together by showrunner Elizabeth Meriwether specifies that Nick’s girlfriend leaves him for Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps.

6 How Many Episodes Has He Appeared?

Though the series has a tight-knit group of friends as its main characters for all seven seasons, not every one of them appears in every episode.

Jess is gone for five when she is sequestered for jury duty. Winston doesn’t appear in the pilot since he’s still living in Latvia at the time. Coach, of course, disappears for whole seasons at a time when he moves out of the loft. Cece, when not living at the loft, doesn’t appear in six episodes. Nick is one of the few characters to appear in all 146 episodes of the series, beginning with the pilot. The only other character who does is Schmidt.

5 How Long Did Nick And Caroline Date?

It’s clear that Nick has some commitment issues. Caroline is the woman he dates the longest before deciding to spend the rest of his life with Jess. Just how long they dated is interested.

Schmidt, after all, maintains that Nick and Caroline got together in college when he and Nick first became roommates, which would have been 10 years prior to the second season. Nick also references having lived with Caroline at some point, but also says they dated for six years before she dumped him. Their relationship seems to create a continuity error for the timeline. The simplest answer is that they dated for a total of six years during that decade, likely breaking up and getting back together a few times.

4 How Is Jess And Nick’s Relationship Different In The Original Pilot?

The pilot written for the series, before it gained the New Girl title, is a little different from the pilot that ultimately ended up filmed. One of those differences comes in the interactions between Nick and Jess.

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While Nick is still the person who stands up for Jess when her date stands her up, and still the one to lead his roommates to sing to her to cheer her up, his feelings for her are a little more overt. When Jess strikes out at the bar, she zeroes in on the fact that Nick has also recently been dumped without Schmidt telling her. Jess also says they should just be each other’s rebound relationship, which Nick immediately agrees to. The series wouldn’t follow that track, not getting them together for nearly 40 episodes.

3 Who Does Jake Johnson Consider To Be Nick’s Greatest Romance?

A lot of New Girl fans will consider Nick and Jess to be the greatest romance of the show, but others prefer different pairings amongst the characters. Even actor Jake Johnson, who brings Nick to life, thinks that Nick has more interactions that could be seen through a romantic light with another character.

When speaking with Good Morning America, Johnson revealed he thought he shared the most “sweet” and “romantic” of scenes while working on the show with Max Greenfield, who stars as Schmidt. Johnson recalled, “I tell him he’s like a husband to me? Seems pretty intimate…”

2 How Is The Art On Nick’s Wall Significant?

The artwork chosen for the rooms of the characters isn’t just items that fit the personality of the character. In Nick’s room, especially, the art serves as mementos from Johnson’s life. Not only did he take a lot of it from the set as a souvenir, but they were in the room because of him.

In Nick’s room is a drawing of a gorilla and a painting of a squirrel. Both pieces of art were created by Johnson’s real-life wife, so he was able to take them with him when production on the show ended. Likewise, two of the posters were for bands that his friends were in, JC Brooks and Pass Kontrol.

1 Why Were Nick And Jess Kept Apart In The First Season?

It’s pretty clear in the early episodes, despite both characters pursuing different relationships, that Nick is at least a little bit interested in Jess. Jess doesn’t confirm her own interest until the second season. Because the writers and producers wanted the relationship to be a bit of a slow burn, teases for the relationship are doled out without the two characters physically interacting a lot in the early episodes.

The reason for the two characters keeping their distance from one another is a result of too much chemistry between the actors. Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson have spoken at length in interviews about being instructed to not even innocently touch one another in scenes with everyone in the kitchen. The writers didn’t want to showcase the potential romance too early in New Girl, leaving room for them to build up the relationship in the second season.

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