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Moonlighter is a unique take on RPG dungeon crawlers that has made its way onto every current-gen console since 2018, and now it can be played on the go by those who own iOS devices, too. Putting players in the role of the shopkeeper whom adventurers would usually meet during their quests, players must traverse the depths of dangerous dungeons in order to find wares to sell in their shop. While helping selling items to heroes on their journeys, the player seeks the truth behind the mysterious dungeons while simultaneously attempting to restore their town to its former glory.

The iOS version of Moonlighter is identical to that of the PC and console versions. No fat has been trimmed from the storyline, and there are no changes to the abilities players have at their disposal. The game runs, plays, and looks just as beautiful as it does on any other platform, while its controls are intuitive and quickly become second nature. There’s something about the iOS version of Moonlighter that feels as if the game were originally developed with the intention of being put on mobile devices.

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Moonlighter’s story is one of its most enticing features as it puts players in a role that is so often overlooked in video games. As a shop owner, the player will need to keep their store stocked with different wares in order to generate a decent income and restore glory to the shop that is known as Moonlighter. However, the shop owner is on an adventure of his own to uncover the mystery of the nearby dungeons. Coincidentally, these dungeons are also the place where the player will collect items to sell in their shops.

The main gameplay of Moonlighter isn’t much different from other dungeon crawlers. Players will need to best equip themselves before entering the dungeon, and with each attempt, players will delve deeper and deeper. The dungeons are ever-changing ensuring that players will never experience the same dungeon twice. As players defeat each floor’s boss they will get closer to the end of the dungeon where a final boss awaits. After defeating the said boss, the next dungeon will open allowing players access to rarer materials and harder enemies.

Being a shop owner gives Moonlighter an added layer of depth that other dungeon crawlers lack. While the main goal is to reach the final floor of the last dungeon, players will also need to go on runs for specific materials or items they know they can sell for higher prices. As well, the game requires players to craft better equipment which in turn requires the player to seek out specific mobs that drop the necessary components. This makes Moonlighter a shop running simulator just as much as it is an action RPG.

Moonlighter for iOS doesn’t have native controller support, but that isn’t a negative. In fact, Moonlighter’s adapted control scheme for mobile devices may be preferred to mouse & keyboard or controller. Instead of controlling every little movement the character makes, players tap where they want the character to go or which enemy they want to attack. Players can also swipe to roll or at the right moment to dodge attacks. While some players may think this takes away from Moonlighter’s gameplay, it’s just as satisfying to swipe out of the way of impending doom as it is to press a button.

Moonlighter is a fantastic experience, and it manages to retain its authenticity and enjoyability on mobile platforms. With Moonlighter for iOS, gamers are given hours of quality entertainment at their fingertips. Moonlighter has been praised by critics in the past for the unique gameplay it’s brought to console and PC, and it offers that same level of enjoyment even on iOS devices.

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Moonlighter is available on iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Screen Rant was provided a digital iOS code for the purpose of this review.

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