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A newly released Monster Hunter trailer for China gives audiences a first look at the movie’s version of Palicoes, specifically the fan-favorite Meowscular Chef. Written and directed by Paul W. S. Anderson, Monster Hunter is an upcoming sci-fi action and adventure film based on the best-selling video game of the same name. The movie follows a military unit led by Milla Jovovich’s Lieutenant Artemis as it falls through a portal into a world inhabited by monsters. With the help of a local Hunter played by Tony Jaa, the soldiers must defeat the dangerous creatures and find their way home. Monster Hunter is set for release on Christmas Day, just in time to give fans a thrill during the holiday season.

The first trailer for Monster Hunter was released back in October, and gave fans a shocking look at the stunning monsters and over-the-top military equipment that the movie provided. While the trailer looked impressive, many fans wondered whether or not the movie would be a loyal adaptation of the widely beloved video game. With only six monsters appearing in the film, fans worried that the movie wouldn’t include enough of their favorite characters.

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Now, however, fans’ expectations may begin to change. As IGN released the Chinese trailer for Monster Hunter, viewers were given a sneak peak at the movie’s version of Palicoes, which are armored Felynes that work alongside Hunters in battle. The Palico that appears in the trailer is the Meowscular Chef, one of the most popular Felynes in the game series who cooks up mouth-watering dishes for Hunters before they embark on their quests. Take a glamour at the fierce yet adorable Meowscular Chef in the trailer below:

The trailer featured a close-up of the Meowscular Chef’s striking glare and his very own armor, complete with a Great Sword. The Palico blows a kiss at the camera at the very end of the trailer, probably making hundreds of video game fans squeal with excitement. The new Chinese trailer also bears many other stark differences with the previously released American trailer, and focuses on the fantasy setting and monsters themselves rather than the military squad. Hopefully, this means that the first trailer simply didn’t grasp the gist of the story, and that the movie itself will be a lot more faithful to the source material.

Palicoes have been an important part of the Monster Hunter franchise ever since the very first video game, so it’s great to see the movie paying homage to the adored Felynes. Movies based on popular video games haven’t generally done well with fans of the source material, and with Monster Hunter being the best-selling game in Capcom’s history, producers face an immense pressure to provide a faithful adaptation while ensuring that the film’s plot has international blockbuster potential. With the reveal of the Palicoes, though, it seems that Anderson and his creative team are placing emphasis on the franchise’s little things as well as the intimidating monsters and explosive military power, meaning that perhaps Monster Hunter will succeed in both satisfying old fans and bringing in new audiences after all.

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Source: IGN

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