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Michael J Fox (Marty McFly in the Back to the Future franchise) equates Trump to the movies’ evil bully, Biff. In the film, Marty McFly is a high schooler who accidentally travels back in time with his friend Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and creates problems when he unknowingly alters his timeline. Biff Tannen (Tom Wilson) is an unpleasant and irritable man who spends a lifetime cheating his way to success by bullying others, including Marty’s father George (Crispin Glover). Biff terrorized George in Marty’s present-day and back when they were in high school. He is also enamored with Marty’s mother and George’s wife, Lorraine (Lea Thompson).

Back to the Future‘s main antagonist, Biff, gets a fair amount of screen time, particularly in the first two movies. The character gets a particularly interesting timeline in Back to the Future II. In the trilogy’s 2nd movie, Doc and Marty travel to an alternate 1985 to discover Biff has become a rich casino-owner who uses his money to bend politicians to his will. His manipulation of the government turns Hill Valley into a corrupt and crime-ridden area. Fans never see any redemption for Biff, with the closest thing being when Doc and Marty see an older version of him bullied by his grandson.

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Biff is loud, he often misspeaks with mixed metaphors, and he calls everybody “Butthead.” He is indeed a caricature of a bully, but that doesn’t mean he can’t resemble real people from the public realm. When speaking to The Guardian three weeks before the U.S. presidential election, Fox compares Trump to Biff.

“Every worst instinct in mankind has been played on [by Trump], for me, that’s just anathema. Biff is president!”

In the same interview, Fox also comments on one of Trump’s speeches given on the campaign trail back in 2016, wherein the Presidential candidate made fun of a reporter with a disability. This moment was incredibly hard for Fox to watch as someone who has lived with Parkinson’s disease for the past 30 years. Fox explains his take on the instance with both exasperation and humor: “When you see your particular group mocked, it’s such a gut punch. It’s so senseless and cheap. There’s no way I get up in the morning and mock orange people.”

Since its release, Back to the Future has become a timeless movie, partially due to the cast’s talent. Fox has a clear and compelling sense of morality that translates into his portrayal of Marty. The semi-retired actor has also focused much of his energy and resources on a foundation dedicated to finding the cure for Parkinson’s disease. And just like Marty McFly in Back to the Future, Michael J Fox is not afraid to call out a bully.

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Source: The Guardian

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