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With Loki taking on his new role as the God of Myths and Stories, he casts aside his long-running title as a behind-the-scenes puppet master, double-crosser, and nonstop all-around schemer in the Marvel universe. With the God of Mischief no longer up to his lies and trickery, who in Marvel Comics is there to fill such two-faced boots? Fans didn’t have to wait long for an answer, as Mister Sinister, the mad geneticist obsessed with mutant DNA, has quickly taken up the mantle as Marvel’s new premier master manipulator.

While not as all-powerful as Apocalypse, as charismatic as Magneto, or even as bizarre as Mojo, Mister Sinister has long been a thorn in the side of the X-Men. Sinister has been led by his unending desire to create the perfect mutant, while also using his vast skills in genetics and biology to cause major shifts within the world of mutants as he operates from the shadows. Mister Sinister’s ability to isolate and incorporate the powers of multiple mutants has allowed him to become practically immortal, create a society of his own clones, and even betray his old boss Apocalypse.

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Even when given the chance to be a part of a new mutant utopia, Sinister could not help himself but keep right on scheming. When Charles tells him to no longer clone mutants as he’s done in the past, Sinister finds a loophole and starts incorporating his own DNA into existing mutants. Eventually, in Powers of X by Jonathan Hickman and Pepe Larraz, it’s revealed that in the far future, Sinister potentially reaches his greatest achievement and creates a new race of mutants called “Chimeras.” These artificially created mutants are the synthesis of multiple mutants, and therefore have multiple powers. Yet, despite the possibility that things could work out for him, despite actually being part of a greater world where he can help forge the destiny of all mutant-kind, Sinister still can’t stop scheming. Even now, in X of Swords by Jonathan Hickman and Tini Howard, as the X-Men take on a suicide mission to save their new world, Mr. Sinister is still running his own power moves on the side, moves that could potentially end in total disaster.

This does make him quite the strong candidate to take the title of “King Backstabber” from Loki. In fact, one could see a lot of parallels between Sinister and Loki that go beyond their penchant for schemes and gambits. Both have (or in Loki’s case, had) an out of control ego. Loki’s came from his insistence that he was superior to Thor, and Sinister’s from his insatiable need to “perfect” mutants. When it comes to massive events that threaten the world for both the Avengers and the X-Men, oftentimes it’s revealed that either Loki or Mr. Sinister were pulling the strings. And on a more aesthetic side, both are known of their flair for dramatic fashion. Loki has never strayed far from his green/yellow costume with the classic gold-horned crown, and for Sinister it’s all about the red and black with a pronounced shock of “plumage,” instead of a cape.

As the MCU begins introducing the X-Men’s world, audiences could use a new trickster to fill Loki‘s place. And with several actors speculated to be interested in the role, it may be time for Mr. Sinister to finally step up in Marvel comics.

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