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Using customized AR markers, this Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit track brings the same level of creativity that the real game offers, if not more. Though the game has been out for over a month and hasn’t made the biggest splash, this track does show what’s possible with the right amount of dedication.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is arguably one of the more experimental titles that Nintendo has released as of late. It’s similar to Nintendo Labo in that it uses cardboard cutouts, but unlike LaboMario Kart Live: Home Circuit uses augmented reality in order to allow players to create courses in their own homes. Tracks consist of using paper cutouts for arrow signs and gates. The game certainly isn’t predatory like Mario Kart Tour, but it also lacks the amount of content that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has, which is one of the best selling titles on the Switch.

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The course made by Playfool took a lot of effort to make according to the video, but the beautiful finished product made it worth the work. Though short, the course has a lot of decorative flavor and 12 secret easter eggs to find. There are many paper Toads and other iconic Super Mario elements hidden throughout the course. The last segment even has sections where the arrow sign AR markers are displayed on screen, with the the final stretch having Mario drive through a whole slew of arrow signs.

What’s especially impressive about this course is the techniques Playfool used to customize the AR markers. Playfool demonstrates that the images that are used for the AR markers can be resized and do still work with the game. The images are also viewable online, and can be scanned from a computer or tablet screen. Most impressively though is how the arrow sign images can be remade onto saki cookies and still remain scannable from the game. As long as the image resembles the marker, it counts as scannable. This shows both the flexibility of the game and the creativity that Playfool has used with what the game allows.

Though Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit will likely be only remembered as another Nintendo gimmick, this shows the amount of creativity that can be done with the game. The AR markers can be remade in whatever the imagination allows, which has the potential to make some really creative tracks in a similar vein as Super Mario Maker 2. As the dedication from Playfool shows, the possibilities for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit are near limitless with enough hard work and creativity.

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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is available now on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Playfool

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