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The dark trooper-esque figures revealed at the end of The Mandalorian’s “The Siege” will be fearsome foes for Din to contend with, according to Carl Weathers. The fourth episode of season 2 had a number of big, mysterious reveals and left some major questions hanging for fan speculation. The supposed dark troopers are just one of several disparate plotlines seemingly building toward an end-of-season crescendo.

Since it returned for the start of its second season The Mandalorian has been gradually building up more long-term arcs and allusions to the greater Star Wars mythos. The return of fan-favorite Mandalorian character Bo-Katan Kryze connected the show directly to The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels, and the impending arrival of Ahsoka Tano will take Din and Baby Yoda further in that direction. Another major piece lurking in the background is Moff Gideon’s Imperial remnant, whose size, schemes and level of danger are being revealed piece by piece.

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According to Carl Weathers, the dark troopers shown at the end of “The Siege” are a big piece of Gideon’s burgeoning threat. In a new interview with Empire, Weathers discussed the show’s latest episode – having both directed it and featured as recurring character Greef Karga. Apparently, Gideon’s mystery battalion is even more dangerous than you might thank. “They’re not just souped-up,” Weathers said, “Man, they are on uber-steroids, let’s put it that way… You look at that scene, and particularly the very last shot when I pull back and you reveal, ‘Oh my goodness, man!’ It’s like walking into the hall of mirrors at an amusement park. It just goes on and on forever.”

Weathers made some other references to Gideon’s grander plans, but he left the details vague. Whatever that army of dark and imposing soldiers turns out to be precisely, it can only be bad news for Mando and the Child. Now that Gideon’s planted a tracking device on the hull of the Razor Crest, Din may need all the help he can get to battle the Imperial forces, which could mean allegiances with Ahsoka, Bo-Katan’s clan, the New Republic, or even Boba Fett.

With so many factions now putting schemes in motion around the galaxy, and the scale of The Mandalorian expanding beyond the relatively limited bounds of its first season, the potential for the future seems limitless. Disney+ seems to be the primary hub of Star Wars content in the moment, meaning that any number of spinoffs or alternate series could be possible. As long as the quality stays near the level where it’s been, fans are sure to be excited at the prospect of more stories to be told. The Mandalorian returns this Friday, November 27.

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