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Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn star in The Christmas Chronicles: Part 2, a jolly holiday adventure about a pair of young kids who go on a delightful adventure with Santa and Mrs. Claus. The original 2018 movie only featured Goldie Hawn in a brief cameo that played off her real-life relationship with Kurt Russell, but the sequel elevates her into a full-fledged hero in her own right.

Director Chris Columbus cut his teeth on holiday classics Home Alone and Home Alone 2, so The Christmas Chronicles is right in his wheelhouse, and he shows his mastery by delivering non-stop Christmas cheer while also telling a heart-warming story about loss, recovery, and the strength that comes with moving on.

While promoting the release of The Christmas Chronicles: Part 2, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn spoke to Screen Rant about their work on the film. Kurt talks about how excited he was to play the role of Santa and how nobody has ever seen a Mrs. Claus like the one Goldie plays. For her part, Hawn discusses how her longtime partner, Kurt, played a key part in designing her character’s costume in the first movie, and how it was significantly upgraded for the sequel. Finally, we wistfully muse about how it always takes a woman to get boys to quit bickering and do something productive.

The Christmas Chronicles: Part 2 is out now on Netflix.

Holy cow, this movie is like a warm blanket. Jolly vibes, so cozy, oh my God! That’s my question, “Oh my God?” There’s so many different versions of Santa and Mrs. Claus. What are some of your favorites from growing up, and did you kind of incorporate any of your favorites into this?

Kurt Russell: I never saw a Santa Claus that… When I was a kid, and what was presented to me from my mother and my father, especially my father, I never saw a Santa Claus that resembled anything like what I was shown. And I was really glad to have the opportunity to bring to the character a lot of what I grew up with. Mrs. Claus, there’s absolutely no Mrs. Claus that… She’s always been there, she’s an iconic person, but here’s your first real crack at seeing a real Mrs. Claus.

Goldie Hawn: Well, Mrs. Claus is always someone who made cookies and had that crazy hat on and glasses, and a little bit overweight.

Kurt Russell: (snaps his fingers) Goldie Hawn! (Laughs)

Goldie Hawn: That wasn’t who I wanted to… (Laughs) That’s not the women of today, and I think we’ve got to adjust in many ways! I mean, Kurt became a sexy Santa, and I think Mrs. Claus deserved to be a little bit more than relegated to the kitchen and making cookies… Although she makes some pretty powerful cookies!

Kurt Russell: When she makes cookies, they’re very good, they mean something!

Goldie Hawn: When she makes cookies, they hold a punch! But anyway, yes, I just think that we reimagined… Certainly for Mrs. Claus, because Kurt and Chris created her character, really, to be magical and to have magical powers and human powers. She’s an alchemist, and she can make potions, and she can see in her cauldron. That was a great character to play. We’re redoing the images here, a little bit.

Kurt Russell: She’s the one who always has to settle things down.

Yeah, true. When boys are bickering in general, you kinda need a female voice to go, “C’mon, guys.”

Goldie Hawn: “Enough,” exactly.

Tell me about dressing Mrs. Claus. I always want to talk about fashion, but I also always feel like it’s a little bit sexist when I want to talk about fashion, but, like, your bangs are incredible.

Goldie Hawn: Oh my God, how funny! Let me tell you a story. Kurt really wanted me to do Mrs. Claus. They both did, I guess, but just at the very very end of the first one. I said, “Okay, sure,” but they had to get me a costume, right? They designed the costume, but who designed it mostly and wanted it a certain way was Kurt Russell. He designed, for the most part… They did a rendition and made it gorgeous and whatever, but he (Kurt) wanted it to have tight pants; he didn’t want loose pants. He wanted the great boots. He had to approve the boots. We had the sweater, which they bought, which was great, and then the jacket was very important, that it cinched in the waist, and was buckled up, and he worked it, right? Nobody saw Mrs. Claus like that, it was way off-beat. But the style he wanted to show was someone who was more modern and a little bit chic. I couldn’t have been happier! I don’t want to get into big balloon pants and whatever, a robe. So that was how it started. Then, when the second one came, which I had no idea was gonna come, they designed this gorgeous coat.

Kurt Russell: Russian.

Goldie Hawn: And Russian look, and similar pants, tight pants, the same boots. It was quite elegant and really beautiful. And, by the way, that coat, when you look at it up close, the stitching was all hand-done, and it was amazing. You’re right to look at fashion. It’s what the eye sees. Everybody’s eye sees it. That’s important!

Kurt Russell: I knew that we were going down the right track with the look of Mrs. Claus when Darby, who was about 11 in the first one, immediately said, “Oh, I love that coast!”

Goldie Hawn: For Darby, they made her a coat just like mine!

Kurt Russell: Listen, the Russian look is cool, the Russian long coat is always…

Thank you so much. It’s been such a treat to get to talk to you. You are the most beautiful Mr. and Mrs. Claus in history. Thank you so much!

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