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In the world of sitcoms, King of Queens ranks up there with the cream of the crop. The series, starring Leah Remini and Kevin James, played the funny, loving pair with the adorable, quirky family and friends who were already nearby. The lighthearted show ran for nine seasons, always entertaining fans with great episodes. Most of the series was uncomplicated, and the plot stayed pretty predictable throughout its run. That being said, there are some aspects to the show that still doesn’t make complete sense.

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The main character Doug, played by actor Kevin James, appears to be fairly uncomplicated, personality-wise, but his storyline is perhaps more so. When we look at Doug and his life, some gaps leave us wondering, “What is going on here?”

10 Doug’s Friend Spence Has A Sometimes Allergy

One of the inconsistencies that arise in the hit series is that of Spence’s peanut allergy. Doug’s sidekick, Spence, can be seen munching on peanut M & M’s early on in the series.

In season four, his allergy becomes a bit of a storyline when Doug and the fellows start calling Spence “The Scaredenator.” The nut allergy is one of those things in the show that seems to be present only for a giggle, and while some fans caught it, it never created too much of a plot distraction.

9 Doug’s Mysterious Sister

Doug’s wife, Carrie, had a sister who was suddenly snipped from the show early on. Doug’s sister in law was a fairly prominent staple for a second there, yet Doug never mentioned that he TOO had a sibling.

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In fact, it is three seasons before we met Doug’s sister Stephanie. Even after she made her show appearance, we only saw her pop in for a smattering of random episodes. Doug and Carrie both have confusing storylines when it comes to their siblings.

8 Who Are Those Kids On Doug’s Fridge?

Doug and Carrie go childless for nearly all of the show’s run. Carrie suffers a loss, and from that point on, it seems babies won’t be in the picture. It isn’t until the highly-rated final episode where the couple flies to China to adopt a baby and finds out that they are expecting!

So knowing this, it is interesting and senseless that their fridge is full of pictures of children. What is even more perplexing is that none of the kids seem to be connected to family or friends of either Doug or Carrie. Doug’s fridge full of random kiddo pictures is one thing that certainly doesn’t make sense.

7 Doug’s Disappearing Dog

At one point, Doug Heffernan takes in his neighbor’s dog. The puppy quickly becomes a part of Doug and Carrie’s family, but then suddenly, the dog is no more! The pup disappears almost as quickly as he pops into the series. After only a few episodes, he is gone for good.

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No one ever mentions the furry friend again, and we have no idea where he went! Did he pass? Run away? Did the Heffernans rehome him? The Heffernan dog’s disappearance is one thing that makes no sense to us.

6 Doug Let’s Spence Stand Still

One of the stranger moments in the show series came during the eighth season. Doug was having his 40th birthday party and seemed surrounded by celebrating friends. One main character, Doug’s pal Spence, appears to stand by like a statue, doing nothing and saying nothing.

It was strange, but it was apparently by design. Producers wanted to see if viewers would notice the oddity. Many of them clearly saw Doug’s friend’s weird stint.

5 How Exactly Did Carrie And Doug Meet?

Considering the show revolves around the playful union of Carrie and Doug, you would think that viewers would get a bit more of a backstory from them! Throughout the seasons, we hear two different ways that Doug and Carrie met and fell in love.

In one episode, Doug and Carrie mention that they first met in childhood, middle school to be exact. Then in another episode, it seems that Doug and Carrie met in a bar, where Doug was working as a bouncer.

4 Why Doesn’t Doug Get A Larger Uniform?

Lovable Doug works for the postal service, and fans often catch glimpses of him riding around in his truck or on the job, wearing his signature uniform. A hidden detail that goes largely unnoticed by nearly everyone, even the eagle-eyed fans, is that Doug seems uncomfortable in his postal garb. His uniform is clearly too tight for his body!

No one particularly enjoys spending their days stuffed into a shirt and pants, so why wouldn’t Doug simply ask for a larger size? His too-tight outfit is one strange thing that makes zero sense to us.

3 Where Is Doug From?

Doug and Carrie spend some time down in Florida with Doug’s parents during season five. It is here where Doug (and fans) learn that Doug was not born in the states. He learns that he was actually born in the north, Canada, to be exact.

It isn’t until Doug is grown that he learns he wasn’t birthed on American soil. It seems strange to us that he would have a close relationship with his parents yet still not know this important fact about his heritage.

2 Doug’s Boss’s Kids Don’t Age

In the fourth season of King of Queens, Doug’s boss O’Boyle appears to have two children, who are ages seventeen and two. Later on, four seasons later, to be exact, we come back around to O’Boyle’s children.

Oddly, Doug’s boss’s kids are the exact same age as they were in the fourth season. It is as if time simply stood still. Characters who don’t age or develop almost always confuse the viewer.

1 Where Did Doug’s Friend Ritchie Go?

Fans of the hit series will remember that Doug had a buddy named Ritchie up until season three. Ritchie, who was played by Larry Romano, was a key part of Doug’s inner man-circle.

After a couple of episodes, Ritchie essentially disappears into thin air. Fans never head what happened to Doug’s buddy; he just stops showing up! In real life, the actor who plays Ritchie needed to be freed up so that he could be a part of other projects.

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