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Beetlejuice is many things; it’s arguably Tim Burton’s most creative movie, it is one of the best horror movies for children, and it features one of the great comedic performances of all time from Michael Keaton. Because of these things, people have been demanding a sequel to the classic for years.

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Though it will undoubtedly be disappointing if we never get a sequel, we’ll at least see a never-ending supply of memes thanks to the movie’s hilarious quotes and Keaton’s amazing facial expressions.

10 It’s Showtime!

Using one of the best lines from the movie, “It’s showtime” has become synonymous with memes. One meme hilariously posits that when girls have had an attitude for two days and her boyfriend hasn’t asked what’s wrong with her. When he finally does ask what’s wrong with her, it’s showtime, and the scene would probably play out similar to how Carla opened up to J.D. and melted his face off in Scrubs.

9 Starbucks

The names of Starbucks drinks are getting so long that they’re borderline full sentences, and here, Beetlejuice just says what we’re all thinking. Though the movie’s humor is one of the things that hasn’t aged well, Beetlejuice’s blunt attitude is still one of the things that audiences love about the creature, and his short temper is on fine display here, which makes the idea of a modern-day Beetlejuice so exciting.

8 Drake

Drake is one of the most popular popstars on the planet and because of that he has been the subject of literally thousands of memes, the most popular of which are two screenshots from his hit track “Hotline Bling.”

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The screenshots show two different emotions from Drake, one where he’s upset and one where he’s happy, and one fan has amazingly replaced those shots with images of Beetlejuice.

7 The Sequel

There have been whispers of a Beetlejuice sequel for decades ever since the release of the original, and it’s one of the unrealized Tim Burton projects that could have been great. One screenplay was even put into development, which saw Beetlejuice go on vacation to Hawaii, but for many reasons, it remains in development hell. This meme brilliantly makes light of fans of the movie being a quirky bunch.

6 The Grail

Using a screenshot from one of the funniest scenes in a Tim Burton movie, the meme not only references Beetlejuice but Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade too. In the latter, if somebody chooses the Holy Grail correctly, they’re given infinite health, but if they choose the wrong grail, well, they end up looking like the Los Angeles County health director, and by extension Beetlejuice too.

5 The Social Worker

It’s no secret that social workers work extremely hard at their job, which comes with a lot of stress, pressure, and very little sleep. Using a screenshot of Michael Keaton, who plays Beetlejuice, looking clean and dapper as Bruce Wayne in 1989’s Batman (which is arguably the best Batman movie,) one fan has hilariously compared being fresh out of college and one year into a social worker position to the two uniquely different sides of Keaton.

4 Smokey Eyes

Though the make-up artist for Beetlejuice is a genius, as the movie even won the Academy Award for Best Makeup in 1989, it’s what all people fear they look like when applying eye shadow set against white powder. Looking like Beetlejuice might make for a great Halloween costume, but when hosting something like a dinner party, guests might be worried it’ll turn out like this.

3 Hecate

Hecate is the god of magic, witchcraft, ghosts, and necromancy, and though she’s all powerful and fearful as hell, Beetlejuice’s powers bear an uncanny resemblance to hers.

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All Beetlejuice ever wanted to do was to have fun, and he was actually a great host too. It makes viewers wonder if the ghost actually did anything wrong and if he was just misunderstood all along.

2 Robert Smith

Here, Robert Smith is unfortunately a victim of bad lighting. Being the lead singer of The Cure, a gothic rock band from the 80s, Smith has a thing for theatrics and gothic makeup, painting his face ghost-white with black eye shadow. However, in this photo that was snapped at one of his gigs, the neon green lighting gives his hair a bogey-green tinge, bearing a huge resemblance to the iconic ghost.

1 The Night Shift

Anybody who has worked nights knows that the hours mess with their bodies and makes workers lose all sense of time. Not only is it horrific knowing that a shift will end the same day the next shift starts, but not ever seeing the light of day in some months will turn employees pasty white. But the combination of the lack of sleep and the unbelievable amounts of caffeine that’s consumed will leave employees looking like the mad man himself.

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