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The Iron Giant is an animated movie set in the 1950s and based on a Cold War fable. The movie has a serious plot and a deeper message, unlike other animated movies where the plot is lacking, and it has stayed a favorite for countless fans.

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The Iron Giant is an incredibly sad animated movie, but there is a message of hope and some very sweet moments especially between the main character Hogarth and his new friend the Iron Giant. There are countless storylines for a sequel to The Iron Giant if it does ever happen.

10 Dean’s Backstory

Dean McCoppin is a popular character from The Iron Giant and yet not much is revealed about him in the movie. Hogarth takes the Iron Giant to Dean’s scrap metal yard where he lives and makes art from various parts in the yard.

Dean’s a beatnik, an artist, an espresso enthusiast, and a good-hearted person who helps Hogarth and his friend because it’s the right thing to do. If there is a sequel to the movie, Dean should return, and more should be revealed about his character.

9 Hogarth All Grown Up

Hogarth is the main character of the original movie and seeing him all grown-up would be a must for a sequel. Hogarth is only 9 years old when the first movie takes place and he could grow up to forget most of what happened if the Iron Giant (Vin Diesel) hasn’t returned yet.

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It would be engaging to see Hogarth reckon with his past if the Iron Giant returns when he hasn’t thought about him for the last thirty years.

8 Hogarth Telling His Children The Story

A sequel would likely have Hogarth as an adult and he might have children or grandchildren at this point and a common, yet strong, sequel trope is to have the previous main character tell the story to his children and pass on the plot to a younger generation.

The Iron Giant could return and the younger new characters could connect and interact with the friendly giant.

7 The Iron Giant’s Origins

The Iron Giant never has his origins fully revealed in the first movie and it could be an interesting plot point in a sequel. He crash-landed on earth and befriended Hogarth, but his origins were never fully revealed.

The government agent, Kent Mansley, believes that the Iron Giant was a weapon built by one of America’s enemies and that he should be destroyed, but it’s never clear so this being covered in a sequel would be a great storyline.

6 Hogarth In College

Hogarth would obviously be older in a sequel and seeing him in college in the 1970s would be an interesting sequel. College is a time when people can find themselves and a lot of people jump into fighting for what they believe is right and protest for positive change.

Hogarth would most likely anti-war and violence advocacy groups and be a leader within the movements, which would be a more mature and still engaging sequel.

5 Similar Anti-War And Violence Themes

The Iron Giant has strong anti-war and anti-weapon themes that imagine what it’s like if a gun didn’t want to be a gun anymore. Any sort of sequel would have to have similar themes to this since the original so strongly advocates for peace instead of violence.

If the sequel had any other message it wouldn’t feel genuine or pay appropriate homage to the original.

4 Focus On Alien Conspiracies

The Iron Giant has a sci-fi theme as the Iron Giant crash-landed to Earth and his origins are a mystery.

In a sequel, if the Iron Giant returns to Hogarth and the small town of Rockwell, Maine a new and fun storyline could focus on other alien conspiracies that happen in the town while Hogarth and his friend investigate.

3 The Cold War

The Iron Giant takes place in 1957 during The Cold War and the tension of this period is a big factor in the story and if the sequel centers on Hogarth The Cold War will still be at its height and will likely be one of the main issues.

The Cold War tension and commentary on violence and weaponry brings depth to the plot of the movie and would be successful in a sequel as well.

2 The Iron Giant Returns

The ending of The Iron Giant alludes to him still being alive after sacrificing himself to save the small Maine town. Everyone assumed that he wouldn’t be coming back after flying away like Superman and taking the bomb with him, but Hogarth finds a part of him still beeping.

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Presumably, if the sequel does happen the Iron Giant would return to Hogarth when he’s a bit older or a new main character. Having a sequel without the titular character wouldn’t make much sense.

1 The Iron Giant Lives In The Town

The town of Rockwell, Maine considers the Iron Giant a hero after he sacrifices himself to save the town. At the end of the original movie, the town makes a statue dedicated to him and obviously have realized the kind and gentle hero he was despite the government and him battling before the climax.

It would be nice to see the Iron Giant friends with and living amongst everyone in the small town in a sequel.

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