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Visage is not an easy game, and earning Achievements from playing it should feel like a sort of victory. Like most games, Visage contains a set of achievements that range from the simple and basic, like finding a single collectible or completing a chapter, to the truly bizarre and random that reward player exploration and experimentation. One of these less obvious Achievements is called Gotcha, you little… To complete it, players will need to concentrate on some of the shelves and dressers around the house and find a little 2D character who doesn’t quite belong with the rest of the atmosphere and style of the game.

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To unlock the Gotcha, you little… achievement, which is considered one of the hardest in Visage, players will need to find Bernard, a microscopic green alien character who sometimes appears on the shelves around the house. They need to “beam” Bernard back to his home planet Ceiphe by clicking on him before he vanishes. He is quick, and scrolling the cursor past him will cause him to quickly disappear, so players are going to need to be quick and patient when hunting this achievement. Here’s how to unlock the Gotcha, you little… achievement in Visage.

Bernard is a random spawn in any one of four locations in the house. He is quite small and very skittish. Players are going to need to be patient and swift to catch him. The locations he will spawn are:

  • In the sitting room with the large window, phone, and Felix the Cat clock, Bernard will spawn in the bookcase on the shelf near the vases.
  • On the shelf to the right of the TV on the first floor, between the framed photographs.
  • In the garage where players find the sledgehammer for Dolores’ chapter, on the tool rack, between the saw and shears.
  • In the basement, outside the storage room with the freezer just next to the electrical room, on the shelf between the framed photos.

Players simply need to catch him in range of the cursor and interact to beam him back home and unlock the Achievement.

It is recommended players wait to try this until they are between chapters, at the start of the game, at the end of the game, or about to unlock the office door and travel to the hospital in Rakan’s chapter to avoid being hunted by any of the ghosts while trying to catch Bernard. It may also help to unequip at least one item in Dwayne’s hand to make it easier to spot the little critter.

Players have reported needing to continuously quick save and quick load to force Bernard to randomly spawn in any one spot and capture him.

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Visage is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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