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Tyrantrum is one of the newest fossil Pokemon appearing in Pokemon Go. This guide will assist players in how to find and capture one. Pokemon X and Y is the next generation of Pokemon to provide new Pokemon for its mobile adventure. Debuting back in 2013 on the Nintendo 3DS, it marked the first time in the series where the players could enjoy a fully realized 3D world aside from the sprite art style the series is known for. Now, over 70+ Pokemon from this region will be making their way into Pokemon Go in the near future. Tyrantrum is one of the more powerful fossil Pokemon from the series. Here’s how players can obtain their own.

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The “Go Beyond” update is coming in early December and provides tons of new content to the game. For starters, the level cap goes from 40 to 50, providing new challenges for each level. Not only that, but the Pokemon from Kalos will start to roll into the game. The new Kalos Pokemon are entirely new and only the first 20 or so Pokemon will be available. Also, the game will host a special event where these new Pokemon will spawn more frequently for a limited-time. Tyrantrum is one of the Pokemon that will appear in a future update. Here’s how players can get their own.

When the update releases this December, players will be given only a small batch of new Kalos Pokemon to capture. Amongst this batch, Tyrantrum is not one of the available Pokemon. It will be made available in a future update. In the mainline titles, Tyrantrum evolves from Tyrunt at level 39 during the day. Since Pokemon Go allows certain Pokemon to evolve during a specific time of day, it is likely players will be able to get a Tyrunt from a Pokemon Egg and evolve it with 50 Candy during the day. The exact evolution method is currently unavailable, but fossil Pokemon either appear in eggs or through special events.

Pokemon Go has had one of its most profitable years yet in 2020, even beating out the year it released and was a global phenomenon. Players were eager to invest money into the game as they spent their time indoors looking for things to do to keep themselves occupied. The game evolved around the pandemic by introducing new features like the Remote Raid Pass and an extension on items that help more wild Pokemon spawn. Now with the next generation making an appearance, there will be more to do in the game than ever before.

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Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

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