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Slurpuff is one of the Fairy-type Pokemon making its debut in Pokemon Go. This guide will help players find and capture it. With the “Go Beyond” update coming to Pokemon Go, players can now reach higher levels with the cap being raised from level 40 to level 50. Not only that, but new Pokemon from the Kalos region will be making an appearance in the game. This includes fan-favorites like Greninja, Fennekin, and Klefki. This is the generation to introduced Fairy-type Pokemon to the Pokemon formula in both competitive and casual play. Slurpuff, as adorable as it is, can be incredibly useful to any trainers team. Here’s how players can get their own in Pokemon Go.

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The Fairy-type was introduced into the Pokemon series to nerf the Dragon-type Pokemon. The metagame and casual game were dominated by Pokemon like Dragonite and Hydreigon which only had 2 weaknesses available to them. Dragon-type moves are completed ineffective against Fairy-type Pokemon and there is something quite humorous about seeing these dangerous Dragons being taken down by Pokemon that looks like a cake. Slurrpuff is one of the Pokemon that require a special item to evolve in the mainline games. This guide will show how they can get their very own Slurpuff in Pokemon Go.

The “Go Beyond” update will release later this upcoming December and release only a handful of Kalos Pokemon. Amongst these in the first wave consist of the starter Pokemon and a few Pokemon players would encounter in the early game of Pokemon X and YSluffpuff is one of the Pokemon that will be available at a later date. In the mainline games, players will need to trade a Swirlix while it is holding a Whipped Dream.

While Held Items are not available in Pokemon Go, it is likely that Slurpuff will be obtained through Swirlix Candy or by trading with another trainer. In a January 2020 update, players were able to get evolved forms of Pokemon that evolve from trading in the main games without needing to spend Candy in Pokemon Go. Slurpuff is one of the Pokemon that will be available at a later date through an update.

Pokemon Go recently had one of its most profitable years yet. Even during a global pandemic, players all around the world have been participating in the game every day. Not only that, but new content like Mega Evolutions and remote raids have played a key part in the growth of the game. With 2 more generations yet to be released for Pokemon Go, there is still so much to look forward to in the future.

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Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

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