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Pangoro is a Fighting/Dark-type Pokemon making its appearance in Pokemon Go soon. This guide will show where they can find and capture it. Pokemon Go will soon be receiving its “Go Beyond” update. In this update, the max level cap of trainers rises from level 4o to level 50 and each new level comes along with Special Research-type challenges to complete beforehand. Not only that, but the next generation of Pokemon with creatures from Pokemon X and Y will make their debut in Pokemon Go. Pangoro is one of the new Pokemon from Kalos making its debut in the title. This guide will show how players can obtain their own.

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Pangoro is one of the Pokemon from Pokemon X and Y that had a very unique way of obtaining. Players would need to raise up a Pancham, its pre-evolutionary form, to level 32 with another Dark-type Pokemon in their party. This is the only way to obtain it in all future titles. Now with Pokemon Go, evolutionary methods change considering trainers don’t have parties to have Pokemon in or the proper evolutionary items available like in the mainline titles. The game introduced candy, which allows players to grow and evolve their Pokemon. Here’s how players can obtain Pangoro in Pokemon Go. 

While the sixth generation is joining Pokemon Go in the upcoming December update, Panchum and Pangoro will not be a part of the first batch of Kalos Pokemon. This has been a practice in Pokemon Go for a few generations now as developers roll out a few Pokemon beforehand to keep players interest. Pancham and Pangoro will arrive at a later date. To obtain Pangoro, players will need to collect enough Pancham candy. While the game hasn’t introduced a new evolutionary item for the Kalos Pokemon, Pangoro will likely be one of the Pokemon that need it since its unique evolutionary method from the mainline titles. Also, Pancham only evolves once, suggesting players will need 50 Pancham candy to evolve it.

Collecting candy has been made much easier throughout the years due to the ability to be able to walk your buddy Pokemon. After a set amount of kilometers, the Pokemon will find candy out in the wild. Also using Rare Candy found from defeating raids is a great way to build up more candy. The next generation with Kalos Pokemon is the perfect time to jump back into the game.

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Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

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