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Malamar is one of the Kalos Pokemon making its debut in Pokemon Go. This guide will help players learn how they can find and capture it. Pokemon Go will soon be pushing towards its next major update with “Go Beyond.” Not only will the Pokemon from the sixth generation games with Pokemon X and Y make an appearance in the game but the level cap is being raised from level 40 to level 50. Now with each level, players will need to complete certain tasks and gain enough experience before moving on. Malamar is one of the stranger additions to the Pokemon mythos because of what is required for it to evolve. This guide will show players what it takes to obtain it in Pokemon Go.

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Malamar is a Dark and Psychic-type Pokemon that evolves from Inkay. While the generation itself only introduced about 70+ new Pokemon, the game also brought in the Mega Evolution mechanic. With it, players are able to reach the fourth evolutionary form for certain Pokemon, allowing them more strength, defense, and speed. Only specific fan-favorite Pokemon were given Mega Evolutions like Blaziken, Charizard, Lucario, and Mawile. Malamar stands out amongst the rest of the Pokemon from Kalos because of its evolution method. This guide will show players how they can get their own Malamar in Pokemon Go.

With the “Go Beyond” update scheduled to release this upcoming December, only a few Kalos Pokemon will be making the jump in the first wave. They consist of Pokemon like the starters for the region, Klefki, and Litleo. Malamar will be one of the Pokemon available in a later patch. In the mainline games in order to get a Malamar, players needed to get an Inkay to level 30 while holding the system upside-down.

In the case of Pokemon Go, Inkay will need enough Candy to evolve into Malamar. It is currently unknown if the game will develop a new evolutionary method for this Pokemon to match what it’s like in the mainline games or if an evolutionary stone will be developed for the Kalos region similar to Sinnoh and Unova. Inkay will also be available in a future update. Walking around with Inkay as your buddy will make it easier to collect enough Candy.

Pokemon Go continues to add new changes to the Pokemon formula. The game also had its most profitable year since it launched and continues to generate millions every month. Now with the next generation making the jump to the mobile title, many players have another reason to jump back in. Pokemon Go is better than it has ever been before.

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Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

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