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Klefki is one of the Kalos Pokemon making its debut in Pokemon Go. This guide will help players locate and capture it. Klefki has been a real divisive entry in the Pokemon series since its debut back in Pokemon X and Y. The game originally released back in 2013 on the Nintendo 3DS and acted as the first mainline title to make the jump to 3D. Klefki’s controversy mainly came around because its design is similar to a set of car keys as the Pokemon developers were heavily criticized for “lacking creativity” and “losing ideas.” Although throughout the years, Klefki has been regarded as one of the fan-favorite Pokemon from the Kalos region. It now makes its way to Pokemon Go. Here’s how players can find it.

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Pokemon Go will soon be implementing the “Go Beyond” update that comes along with tons of quality-of-life improvements and the first batch of Pokemon from the Kalos region. For starters, the level cap in the game will increase from level 40 to level 50 with each new level providing a set of challenges that need to be completed before moving on. The game will also make it much easier to reach level 40 in this new update. Klefki is 1 out of the 24 Pokemon making its way to the game. Here’s how players can capture their own in Pokemon Go.

While Klefki is a part of the first batch of Pokemon to appear from Kalos, it is also the most challenging the obtain. Klefki is a regional-only Pokemon, appearing just in France and nowhere else in the world. For players in other regions of the world, the only other way to obtain a Klefki is by trading with a trainer who has one from France.

Although, players can become friends with trainers from France and send gifts to one another. The Egg inside of the gift may have a chance of being a Klefki. The best way to make friends with other players from other regions is by searching through Facebook or Twitter groups.

The game has a large sense of community since Pokemon are exclusive all around the world. This even started when the game first released when Pokemon like Mr. Mime were European exclusive while Chatot was just in Northern Australia. Maybe this is a great way to make a real friend from across the world. Pokemon Go has always been about a sense of community.

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Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

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