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Florges is the Fairy-Pokemon of the Kalos region that has made an appearance in Pokemon Go. This guide will show how players can capture their very own. In the “Go Beyond” update, players will be treated to tons of quality-of-life improvements and new Pokemon this upcoming December. For starters, the level cap will be increased from 40 to 50 and include new challenges to reach higher levels with each ranking. The sixth generation of Pokemon is also making an appearance in the game which includes over 70 new Pokemon to capture. This guide will show how players can obtain their very own Florges, one of the premiere Fairy-type Pokemon in the game.

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The Kalos region released back in Pokemon X and Y, the first mainline 3D Pokemon adventure to release on the Nintendo 3DS in 2013. Not only did this generation introduce new Pokemon to capture but an entirely new typing with Fairy. The Fairy-type Pokemon was introduced to nerf the power of the Dragon-type, which was regarded as the most challenging to defeat in battle. Fairy-types can take down Dark, Dragon, and Fighting-type Pokemon with minimal problems as Poison and Steel raise much more of a problem. Florges is one of the Fairy-types making its debut in Pokemon Go. Here’s how players can get their very own.

1 How To Find (& Catch) Florges in Pokemon Go

Starting on December 2nd, players will be able to obtain all the other new Kalos Pokemon being introduced in this patch. Flabebe is currently not one of the Pokemon available in the first batch of Kalos Pokemon to appear but will appear in the future as more Kalos Pokemon are introduced. To obtain a Florges, the player will need to have 100 Flabebe Candy to evolve a Floette. Flabebe will likely be found in the wild or in raids to capture. Not only that but to build on your candy, it is recommended to walk around with a Flabebe as your buddy. Every few kilometers, Flabebe will find the very candy needed to evolve it.

Pokemon X and Y was a turning point for the Pokemon series as this entry marked the first mainline 3D title in the series. Ever since, its follow up titles with Pokemon Sun, Moon, Sword, and Shield have all continued to build on the 3D foundation created by X and YPokemon Go hasn’t released an entirely new generation in a single update since the second generation. Regardless, more Pokemon means more of a reason to jump back into the game.

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Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

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