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Rakan’s chapter of Visage was not included in the Early Access and is a new part of the game. In this chapter, the player, as Dwayne, will see Rakan, a 28-year-old rugby player who has severe scopophobia and a likely case of schizophrenia, as he experiences upsetting visions of an eyeless spirit chasing him. Dwayne will need to complete a puzzle that involves gouging out an eyeball in a painting of a frightened man to follow Rakan to a poorly-lit hospital. After several scenes in the hospital, the player will find a broken window decorated with exit signs, and Rakan will push them out.

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This causes the player to “come to” inside the home, now covered in what looks like innards or ink-covered trees. With no lights, the player’s sanity will rapidly decrease. Without the proper supplies equipped, players will continue to experience a vision of Rakan, now on crutches, who will chase them around the basement of the house and kill them if they don’t get away quickly enough. The object of this part of the chapter is to stay alive and unlock the electrical room door. The door will have two eyeballs embedded in it, just like the door to the office does at the start of this chapter. Players will once more need to complete an eyeball-related puzzle to get into the room and interact with the wheelchair, which will bring them back to the hospital.

This eyeball puzzle is slightly more complicated than the first for two reasons. First, this time there are two eyeballs in the door, meaning the player needs to interact with the eyeballs in two corresponding portraits. Second, there are portraits all around the basement, connected by what look like intestines, brain synapses, or tree branches, and only two out of the whole set contain an eyeball that corresponds to the ones in the electrical room door.

Unlike the Dolores Chapter’s Mirror Puzzles, this puzzle becomes more complicated if players have not taken time to stock up on supplies. When the player is catapulted into Rakan’s hospital nightmare, their inventory is left back at the house. When they return to the house, they will have only the items in their inventory to help them. Players are going to want to stockpile Lighters and Sanity Pills prior to the start of the level, or they will not be able to see anything or regain their sanity and will likely struggle with this part of the chapter. Players should note it is fairly difficult to find the way back up the stairs from the basement once they have descended at the start of this part of the chapter. This will make it even more difficult to try and find a lighter retroactively, especially without lights and with Rakan following them.

Players will find the two portraits in two separate parts of the basement. The first portrait is in the storage room to the right of the electrical room door, across from the TV and Phonograph. Inside the storage room, the player will find the portrait above the freezer where they find one of the ten Matryoshka dolls.

The second portrait is located in the storage room by the mannequin that is used in Lucy’s Chapter, where most of the dynamic items players unequip are stored. Players need to follow the blue glow to the mannequin and find the portrait beside it.

Each time the player finds a portrait, they will need to put their cursor on the eyeball and interact to “gouge” it out, which also causes one of the eyeballs embedded in the door to vanish. Once the player has gotten both portraits, they will need to enter the electrical room and interact with the wheelchair. After a cutscene, they will wake back up in the same hospital bed as before and can continue the level.

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Visage is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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