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The Guardians of the Galaxy’s Drax the Destroyer is without a doubt the team’s physically strongest member as he uses his superhuman abilities to destroy countless mercenaries and or enemies in general. But besides his superhuman abilities, Drax has another secret superpower that proves to be just as lethal.

Before joining the Guardians of the Galaxy, Drax was killed by the Mad Titan Thanos in addition to losing his beloved wife Yvette as well as being unaware that his daughter Heather Douglas a.k.a. Moondragon was still alive. But amidst the chaos of death and his family falling to pieces, Mentor – a scientist and one of the Eternals – gains the help of his father Kronos to save Drax’s soul and grant him a superior body with one goal in mind… hunt down and kill Thanos. Considering Thanos is one of the most powerful beings in the universe Mentor and Kronos ensured that Drax’s body would be capable of withstanding the Mad Titan’s wrath; and Drax proves he’s also one of the most powerful beings in the universe as he brutally kills Thanos in Keith Giffen, Andrea Divito, Laura Villari, and Cory Petit’s Annihilation #4. But in Fred Van Lente, David Nakayama, Salva Espin, Jim Campbell, and Cory Petit’s Guardians of the Galaxy #2, Drax demonstrates that his super-strength is not the only gift he has received from the duo of Eternals.

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During an attempt to rescue the assistant of an astronomer on the planet Sakaar – which is best known for its economy that revolves around gambling, Drax and Rocket Raccoon search for a way to distract everyone while Gamora and Groot save the assistant. Eventually, they find a gladiator ring, and Rocket signs up Drax to be one of the fighters in the Galactic MMA Championship. After Drax signs a waiver ensuring someone like Rocket doesn’t sue as a result of Drax’s disembodiment, they both watch the brawler Murr the Manslayer fight Dumog of Fomalhaut. During the fight, Murr and Dumog stare at each other till sweat pours down their faces and suddenly Murr’s head explodes like a smashed watermelon. After witnessing Murr’s head explode, Rocket becomes nervous by the fact that the MMA stands for Mental Martial Artists and Drax doesn’t possess any psychic abilities.

But because Drax doesn’t back down from a fight, he still goes into the ring with the intention of defeating Dumog and as he stands before the strange beast, Rocket is shown hiding behind a post whispering to himself, “Drax’s head, don’t explode, Drax’s head, don’t explode.” As soon as a robot tells the two to fight, Drax and Dumog stare each other down until suddenly, Dumog’s head explodes – which causes Rocket to realize that Drax is immune to psychic attacks as well as the fact that he needs to bet more money on him to fill the holes in their pockets.

Although the reason behind his immunity to psychic attacks is unknown, it’s possible that Drax’s lack of intelligence makes it difficult for those with psychic abilities to harm him in general. But if Drax is capable of withstanding a psychic attack from a Galactic MMA Championship fighter – then who knows what could happen if someone like Professor X tries to psychically attack him.

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